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the most dangerous country in the world?


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^ but if we didn't read the post, we wouldn't know to ignore it, therefore voiding the need to read the post, which we had to read to know we had to ignore it, which we'd only know if we'd read it?

:P Just messin' with ya.

Anywhoo... America's population's alleged 'ignorance' doesn't make it any more / less dangerous. It's the political stance, how it's run, how much power / how little power they have. Plus, stuff like legalization of drugs, how strict laws on assault etc. are. They're all determined by the man in the tie.

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Woops, type there (really.)

And actually placing a disclaimer at the end of the text is pretty... useless. But who cares :P

BTW, I think this topic is intended to be about the country that is the biggest threat to other countries and their population, not just their own (Anyone mentioned Zimbabwe?).

Rusia has the potential, but they aren't (yet... if ever). Neither is the USA IMO. Of course, if you live in the middle east you'll probably disagree, but they don't pose a threat to the "Western civilization ".

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Imo, it is Middle Eastern countries and United States, people from the US, dont take this personal, it is just my opinion. I think George Bush is one of the most dangerous men in the world at the moment, he shouldn't have put troops in Iraq and because of this its ending up in more people dying abroad in the army.

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Is L-ric he said me and Deji were dumbass

Because you two are. And apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

This is supposed to be serious discussion? How am I? What've I said that is dumb, all i've said is my Oppinion.

Deji, you're an idiot.

Your opinion sounds retarded. I don't know how, but saying USA is racist, just sounds stupid and makes people feel offended. No one is dumb in the US. You can't just say that unless you've experienced being part of the victims of racism.

And you're also saying that this is supposed to be serious discussion... It sounds pointless when someone says something stupid, don't you think?

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