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Bloody Ebay Scams


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Might not be a scam though, I mean the guy has sold about 30 or so games and all have positive feedback. Faking all the accounts and purchasing his own items would be way too much effort - but then again he could have done that, but I'm not exactly going to check when each one was registered.

Anyway, who the hell preorders games from private sellers? Buy them when the game is out sure, but preorder? Preordering from an actual store is the best way to do it.

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He doesn't claim to have them in his possession, just that he has preordered copies that you inturn preorder from him, it's not a scam, you just failed to read it carefully.

What if he didn't get the game? Have you thought of that? If he didn't get the game, he's actually taken off the bidders money, therefore leaves the bidder angry that he lost his money to some lying seller.

But Looking at his Feedback, he's got some nice feedback from the buyers, so I think he might be actually telling the truth.

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