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heres a full guide for flying the dodo it will be edited later but i dont have enough time yet so i will start

finding a dodo

you can find 2 dodos one in the hanger and another near the runway

taking off. you need to get the runway and staighten up the dodo then start the engine keep away from the edge or you will be of course hold the analog stick up and pull it back you will eventually manage to get airborne try to avoid the ocean and buildings

buildings : buildings arent too much of a problem because 20% are completeley unsolid but some are completely solid they are probaly your worst enemy so it is best to fly the plane at daytime and in clear skies

ocean : if the dodo falls toward the water then pull up and down on the analog sticks and it should catch air again

tricks : they are plenty of tricks to do on the dodo such as barrel rols,flying between dodos and loop the loop

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