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  1. kenny

    Favorite Weapon

    I like the minigun and the rocket laucher
  2. kenny

    Fav. Song

    Eminem - Just Lose It Eminem - Without Me Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit
  3. kenny


    How do you fly the dodo? i cant even fly it.
  4. kenny

    Favourite radio station?

    I cant remember the radio station that the commercial includes Pogo The Monkey. Maybe it was LIPS 106. It has loads of funny commercials. I went to pogothemonkey.com and found only a blue screen
  5. kenny

    BOOO bush

    Hmm I think 50%-50%
  6. kenny

    fave car in GTA

    Mine would be the Everything proof Admiral in GTA:VC in the Guardian Angels mission.
  7. Maybe this isnt a good topic hmm....
  8. kenny


    I wish the police could use the PIT manuver to spin your car and the spike tacks would be automatic. And about that cruise idea I want to add some thing. You can cruise the climb into your back seat and shoot the cops behind from your back window. But jumping out of your vehicle wouldnt work. The game is too smart that the cops will follow you because it know that you jump out of your car so that means computers are dumber than human. I also wish like the car is like James Bond; can shoot out missiles out from the back and front, mines, machiene guns, automatic coffee maker ( ) spikes, and many more Most of the surroundings must be destructable, like a wodden cabin can be set on fire, Walls can be broken into with a car, so it would be more realistic.
  9. kenny

    Favourite Wrestler

    I know wrestling is fake, but im not so sure that the blood on Eddie's head hit by John Bradshaw Layfield is real or not. WWE Favorite Wrestlers: Undertaker, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Gurrero WWE Hate Wrestlers: John Bradshaw Layfield (he sucks), Kane
  10. kenny


    Go open your MTA: VC and you will see it write Host. What is it there?
  11. kenny


    GTA Vice City. You play MTA: VC right? Can you please tell me the host and the port you use?
  12. kenny


    You all play Multi Theft Auto right? Whats the Port? Can you tell me the Host and the Port that you use?
  13. Can the GTA 3 mod use with the GTA Vice City mod?