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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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Eh I think he speaks of... Europe, and treated like an... 'Old car in Cuba'[lol]

Okay so I officially hate questions about radios! >.<

Complete the muthaphukkin` sentence:

_e _a_ __t _n he_l f__ a_l _ _i_e a ___k.

Heh, hints: Sweet, about CJ, dislike, Introduction

Made it easier for you guys.

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:rolleyes: no never rather there would be a kart and a deagle spawned next to the shop.An rc tiger can only be available only by a vehicle spawner tool rather after completing the zero missions there will be a mini mission called the beefy baron

pedro:i have done it in the houses of grove street and it can be always be done there is just a simple formula.i will tell you later

:blink: okay here is mines

Q. B) during the mission high noon pulaski would be driving a buffalo.What was written on the cars number plate(license plate)

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@Samil The answer is T, if you start a new game and have a saved one with the girlfriends, you'll probably keep the benefits.

You get into a sphere near the ship, and is transported to it by a "misterious fade" lol.

Q: What's the internal name of Berkley's RC Van?

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