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San Andreas "Hitch Hicker"?


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Alright, I know a total of three signings, which third one is my signing.The original "myth" is talking about a girl, which looks somehow strange, and with blond hair, with a blue arrow above her.It is suspected that this is something completely new, and not found until now - a seventh girlfriend in the game.I never believed this thing, it just made me think, until...First I`ll tell you the 2 signings, which are not mine.The first guy, the first to report something like this(I`m sorry but i can`t refer to names right now, for both guys) said that when he was driving, he saw something like a girl(he was driving fast, and couldn`t see well) that had a blue arrow above her.He admitted it could be a lighting from the weather(It was rainy, when he saw that) that tricked his eyes.This thing has been forgotten then, until...Another signing.A guy(can`t remember his name too, sorry) said that he saw the same girl, with a scooter, that says "Want a lift, honey?".He said "he was too scared and shot the girl", and blah, blah...Of course I didn`t believed him, but...Oh, and wait....Forgot to say that the signing was at Muholland(the second guy`s) and for the first guy, can`t really remember sorry...Now anyway, my experience WAS at Muholland.It was 15:48, and I was walking around, shooting, and drifting.While I was on foot, with tecs in hand, I saw something, that distracted my eye...There were three peds.The very front one, which I couldn`t see, because these two peds were blocking my view, had some sort of blue arrow.I just saw that arrow.And some legs, and hands.Looked like some sort of black dress, or something like that, can`t really explain...Anyway that was all, BUT..

I got another thing.When I was browsing with .TMG Tool, to look for something like that, with a strange name, I saw in fact something that took my attention.A file, named "Suzie".And I quickly though to myself...A ped model(It was between peds, so I`m sure it was a ped model) named by R*???I think that to give a ped model a name, not just some "BMY-blah-blah", but "Suzie".If it has a name, I think it means that this model must have some important role in the game...I`ll try to open the .txd file with .txd Workshop, and update the topic.Until this, give me your thoughts..

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