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  1. hunter88888

    Happy New Year, and a new TGTAP!

    Looking forward to the changes
  2. hunter88888

    "That's So Gay"

    It's used to describe older women going after younger guys.
  3. hunter88888

    PS3 Trophies arriving on Monday

    I really don't see what's so great about those trophies, but hey, if people like them that's fine with me.
  4. hunter88888

    GTA IV PC details and screenshots emerge

    Man! I just bought a controller for the PC, and chances are it won't work/good with the PC version of GTA IV. Well, I'll be buying an Xbox 360 controller...
  5. hunter88888

    GTA IV PC release confirmed!

    I'm definetly getting GTA IV, even though my computer will be barely able to play it.
  6. hunter88888

    Less than 3000 accept Hot Coffee refund

    Can you blame them? Who doesn't want a piece of GTA?
  7. hunter88888

    Game voice actors underpaid?

    People like that should try the normal life, working for minimal wage before they start complaining for being underpaid for easy-ass voice acting.
  8. hunter88888

    JT guilty of professional misconduct

    ^ Damn straight.
  9. it was all right

  10. hunter88888

    Take-Two sues Chicago Transit Authority

    I actually saw the Fox thing on the news, it was one of the most retarded things ever, I mean all the people interviewed didn't have a porblem with the ads, yet the guy thought people were totally appaled and decided to pull the ads...
  11. hunter88888

    GTA IV is gold, new information revealed

    Can't blame them for trying, GTAIV is estimated to sell 100 million copies, priced at 60$ each, making about 4 billion dollars (after taxes, production costs, covering salaries of those who worked on it for 4-5 years and taxes and other stuff).
  12. hunter88888

    GTA 4 PS3 Theme

  13. hunter88888

    RATE Person above you

    avi 5/10 too plain sig 3/10 confusing person havent really talked to you so...
  14. hunter88888

    Three Word Story

    and after that
  15. hunter88888

    Word Association

  16. hunter88888

    The ^<v Game

    ^ no < is back! v is happy
  17. hunter88888

    What is the most spam you have

    So, trying to out due everyone?
  18. hunter88888

    What's your favourite clothes Store?

    Didier Sachs For The Win. Make you look like a pimp.
  19. hunter88888

    The Random Post Topic

    Well I have it set to 40 posts per page (probably unlike you) so could be link to the post?
  20. Just been really busy. I'll start being more active again soon.

  21. hunter88888

    El Burro glitch?

    All right, so I did the El Burro missions before "Last Requests" (when you go to Staunton Island), but then when I came back to Portland I noticed El Burro's phone icon, and when I went to check it out he gave me Turismo even though I'd already completed all his missions before. This ever happen to anyone before?
  22. hunter88888

    El Burro glitch?

    This has never happened to me before!
  23. hunter88888

    What are you listening to right now?

    Devil in a Midnight Mass - Billy Talent