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First MTA San Andreas Deathmatch Client Released

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It's been quite a long time since we've posted any news about the Multi Theft Auto Team and their efforts in making GTA: San Andreas a multiplayer game, but finally they've made a developer preview of the deathmatch client available to everyone. If you already play MTA you'll be aware that one of the major drawbacks is that it currently only functions as a racing mod - this one changes all that with the much anticipated deathmatch mode.

Since it's a beta mod and obviously still in development, bugs and glitches are to be expected, if you just want to get and play the game with others, head to the MTASA Deathmatch download page (which we'll update whenever they release new versions).

For more information, see MultiTheftAuto.com

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ive nt reli bn followin all the news on gta 4 so i dunno much bout it. wots the city calld tht its based in?

nd also, dus any1 think ther shud b a 'san andreas stories' or 'los santos stories' game, lyk VCS nd LCS, based completely on the whole gangsta scene?

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