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USB Mouse Problem


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I got a USB mouse about a month ago after my old one wasn't working properly. Yesterday, all of a sudden my USB mouse a lot of times starts to move the cursor to the left side of the screen for some reason when I try to pull it right. I don't know what's up with it. It's called Gigaware if that helps in any way.

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Is it wireless/battery powered? If it is change the batteries.

I was afraid of this answer. :P There's hardly ever any batteries in here.

Might be your USB port in your computer, especially if both mouses have been playing up.

Try putting it into a different usb port.

Well, the other mouse is must a regular one with the cord and everything. It works but not so well.

About the USB mouse, though, putting it into another port doesn't work.

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First things first

1. is it optical or bluetooth or r/f or umm laser

if its optical and its doin that, then you've likely mistreated or dropped it or thrown it at a wall in anger :whistle:

bluetooth probably a driver issue

rf would be interference from a wireless access point / phone (depending on if it uses 2.4GHz or a different wavelength, my dad had this problem but i had no idea at the time)

Do you still have the CD that came with the mouse? (If any ^_^)

That will have the drivers for the mouse which will probably fix your problem if its not a physical problem

Since you've already tested on another port, and the other mouse dont work...

Perhaps ur USB card (internal PCI card) is farked & you need a new one.

use mousekeys (alt+shift+numlock) then go to settings and fix the speed to full and accel to full. now u use ur numpad (hopefully ur not on a laptop)

Test any other USB devices (usb flash drive) on these same ports that dun work with mouse, then if they dont work, its the USB card so go buy one (USB 2.0 PCI card) from a store or computer shop or online (i dunno where in USA - but i wouldnt go to a dept store (in aus) cos they prob dont have what ur lookin for)

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