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Further analysis on the validity of ‘Luck’


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Bradygames Signature Series Guide for PC and XBox,

Odd Jobs

Page 126, 2nd column, 1st paragraph:

When all the Horseshoes are collected, your Gambling Luck increases dramatically…

I had originally believed the Bradygames guide when I first read that statement, but that statement contradicts the way gambling is setup in San Andreas. That's all it has to say on the subject of Gambling Luck, and it doesn't say how Gambling Luck has been increased. I also don't believe it anymore.

My theory is that the author of the Bradygames guide wrote that statement based on an assumption; meaning he assumed that ‘Luck’ must do something, but since he didn’t know what that ‘something’ was, he just made an educated guess, and now everyone believes it. That’s just my opinion, because if the author had simply stated that 'Luck' increased without any explanation as to what 'Luck' actually was, it would appear that he didn't know what he was talking about, so he fabrited that explanation to give it a reason for being there.

Also, “dramatically” implies “by an impressive amount”. That is obviously not the case with gambling in San Andreas, which further proves that the author doesn't know what he was talking about when he wrote that statement.

Internet help-guides state that ‘Luck’ will increase Gambling in some way, but they’re never specific on how. They too, seem to be making educated guesses, probably based on the Bradygames guide, that's just a guess on my part.

Aside to the obvious fact that the odds should be in your favor, there are no messages stating that your Gambling Luck has increased. Messages appear for most everything, but not Luck, which suggests that it’s just a numerical value based on how many Horseshoes you’ve collected, nothing more.

Here are the facts about gambling in San Andreas:

1) Pool: There’s no way that Luck can play any part in that; it’s your skill that determines if you win or not.

2) Low Rider Challenges: Again, this is based on your skill; Luck can’t affect it.

3) ITB: Horse speeds are not affected by Luck, try gambling at an ITB before you have any Luck, then again after your Luck has increased; there’s no difference. I know that’s a weak argument, but for right now, I have nothing better.

4) Black Jack and Video Poker: The cards will progress in the same order for the entire time you’re taking your turn, you can count the cards and eventually know their order, and win every time. The game doesn’t change the face value of the cards to help you win based on your wager. Luck can’t and doesn’t change the order that the cards are dealt.

5) Roulette, Slots, and Wheel of Fortune: I grouped these together because they all follow the same general rule; they’re all based on physical movement of a device. That device cannot change the order that the numbers appear in, nor does the speed of the device increase or decrease to help you win. Luck cannot change any of those factors; therefore it has no effect.

Conclusion: The numbers still follow the same order, and the machines still play at the same speed.

The only weak argument there, is for the Roulette wheel, but if you watch the numbers as they go by, you’ll see that they follow a similar pattern no matter what level your Luck is at.

The Bradygames guide also says:

Gambling Prerequisite

Completing Toreno’s “Pilot School” mission to gain entry into Las Venturas (for casino gambling)…

That statement is blatantly wrong, as the casinos are open from the very beginning of the game, and your Gambling Skill can be maxed out before doing any story missions; I proved that myself, without cheats or mods.

So you see, statements can be in error. The game itself has never provided any evidence that ‘Luck’ does anything to benefit you.


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