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Harwood Butcher

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There is 1 thing that makes me really enjoy playing sims 2 on my old PS2 and that MULTIPLAYER! Multiplayer is da sh*t! i used to play 8 hours straight with my friend like making money together, buying new stuff and making our skills and stuff. There is also no stress with multiple character when you have your friend helping you.

Oh yeah, that multiplayer was SO KICK ASS!!

If you play the story mode with a friend you could steal the other people's food and save money. It requires some team work or else it's hard to do by yourself.

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Hip Hip Hurray! The site is working ... Well I'm glad Sims 3 will have more customizing options, better lighting, realistic facial expressions but I'm sure there will be plenty more ... Just the tip of the iceberg ... My sister can't wait for it too ... she's at the University, I'll call her later to tell her more about the site and the game ...

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