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Things to add as DLC

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With the revamped Liberty City we should get a lot of tall buildings, so a parachute would make base jumping a great


Love doing that, anyone ever take a BMX, ride it up to the tallest bullding in LS and jump off with a parachute? Great times. :clapping:

Well there's going to be additional missions for sure and rampages do sound fun. New vehicles, weapons, etc. Not sure ATM, when we play GTA IV we'll probably notice what's missing or what would make the game even better and that's the stuff R* probably going to put into the DLC.

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Hum?? I think they should add some sort of plane in there??? maybe if they could do that...i dunno.. But they could easily have parachutes tanks and all the other good things they have got rid of....ye them...i dunno

Surely if there is going to be helicopters there will also be parachutes? I can understand about not including tanks in IV, but why not include parachutes?

So what will they have instead of tanks, does anyone know?

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