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GTA IV Might Get Banned By BBFC?

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It was leaked this morning, that the BBFC are taking all the necessary steps to block the sale of GTA IV to the UK. It seems they were at a loose end with Manhunt 2 and because of "legal advise" they had to back down and let the game eventually go on sale, whenever Rockstar chooses to release it.

Unfortunately, they have seeked further advise regarding GTA IV and ruled that the same would not happen. This time they have the support of the Byron Report and of MP Keith Vaz who has done nothing but condemn videogames for the faults of society, despite the lack of a link between the two.

Rockstar have yet to comment on the BBFC's plans and what they are going to do about it, we will keep you posted.

Source: VG Reloaded

But I thought BBFC gave a 18+ rating for GTA IV

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:pissedred: This is SHIT! I hate these stupid assholes! What the F**K is their problem!

No, man - this isn't happening. R* have invested too much money for this game not to go on sale now, it will reach UK shelves. BBFC sound like vindictive, petty bastards. This can't be true, man. We've been waiting so long for this....

Why would they ban this and not other GTA games?

Your source must be wrong!!!

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Well I just find them on Google News, but I do think these game sites are wrong about the news they post, but GTA IV isn't on the BBFC isn't on their site yet :(

Just hopefully MCV were right

I hope they are wrong. There will be a shit load of uproar if this game is denied a UK release.

Keep us up to date if you can.

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Well I became concerned because I know how unpredictable the BBFC are. Besides, I live in the UK, so if these petty chumps decided to ban GTA IV, I and many others residing in the UK, wouldn't get to play it or at least not until the game complies to standard set by the BBFC.

Anyway, we can all be happy that it is indeed coming out on schedule - happy days!

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I thought the only difference was the electrical outlets.

Well I don't know, but I have heard of people trying to play foreign games only to find they wont. I remember reading another report where someone had made a similar suggestion as you - it was in a different context, mind you - and someone replied saying that they weren't pirates and not willing to have their consoles converted.

Besides, I just don't see it as easy as popping across the channel - I'm sure there must be some safe guards against people who had this idea.

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