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Vigilante Missions Guide

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Vigilante Missions Guide


To start off, you must not be on any other mission when starting a vigilante mission, you can start from anywhere, but you must be in a law enforcement vehicle of some sort.


There is a wide choice of different vehicles you can use in LCS, all of the following can be used to start a Vigilante Mission.

  • Police Car
  • FBI Cruiser
  • Enforcer
  • Rhino

Choosing a vehicle:

It is important to choose a decent vehicle, If you are planning to do the mission quickly you should use either the Police Car, or better, the FBI Cruiser, these two cars are good at keeping up with the target to do a drive-by on them. I would not recommend the Enforcer as it is quite slow and you are vulnerable to police cars when using it, but it can smash other vehicles up by ramming them. The Rhino, is arguably the best choice, any vehicle you drive it into will explode on impact, and it may seem slow, but pointing the turret backwards and constantly firing will speed it up, and you can easily destroy the criminals cars by either crashing into them or firing the turret.

Getting prepared:

Unless you are using the Rhino, make sure you are well armed with body armor, and a large amount of ammo for Sub machine guns like the tec-9 or MP5, and have rocket launcher, minigun or m60 so you can quickly attack the cars if on foot.

A great idea is to collect all 100 hidden packages before you try, as this will make all the best weapons generate outside all 3 safehouses.

Time Limit:

Unlike in previous GTA titles, the timer in vigilante missions is no longer consecutive, you will always have accurately 5 mintutes to complete the level, and whenever you exit your vehicle, you will have 50 seconds to get back into a police vehicle or the mission will be cancelled.


Like in previous titles, you are out to kill enemy criminals, and you can't arrest, as you do more levels, there will be more to kill, level 1 has 1, level 2 has 2 enemies and so on, they are always in cars and travel in convoy fashion, until you decide to attack, which is when each car full of criminals will start trying to evade, they carry a variety of weapons, pistols, baseball bats, sub machine guns and AK-47's in later levels.

Police Involvement:

Having a wanted level during the mission is not always a bad thing, if your vehicle becomes damaged and soon goes on fire, you will have 50 seconds to get another vehicle, but you can always take one of the Police Cars chasing you to continue the mission, so you do not necessarily have to keep the same vehicle you started in, but try to stay below 5 stars, the FBI are not easy to outrun and they carry MP5's.


If you have played Vigilante missions in all GTA games before LCS, you should find them easy in this game, the only problems are police getting involved, which you can control by occasionally collecting police bribes, and if you are not using the Rhino, running out of sub machine gun ammo might result in problems, as it is crucial to be able to do drive-bys on the criminals, you can also do a P.I.T. Manouver to stop the Cars or wait for them at the end of the road and attack with whatever weapons you have, the Rocket Launcher is very effective here. The mission is failed if you get wasted, busted, run out of time or leave the Island you are on, for example, if you started the mission on Portland, do not try to cross over to Staunton Island, this will result in mission cancelled.

Money Earned:

The money earned in each level is increased by $50, here is a list of how much money each level from 1 to 12 will pay you.

  • Level 1= $50
  • Level 2= $100
  • Level 3= $150
  • Level 4= $200
  • Level 5= $250
  • Level 6= $300
  • Level 7= $350
  • Level 8= $400
  • Level 9= $450
  • Level 10= $500
  • Level 11= $550
  • Level 12= $600

and so on, it will continue to increase, for example, reaching level 100 will pay $5000.


The mission is passed once you complete level 12, you get a boost to your Armor and are a step closer to 100% completion.

Every criminal you kill adds 1 point to your criminal rating in the stats.

you can keep going after level 12 if you want to make more money.

If there are any mistakes in this guide or there is information I have missed out, please let me know.

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Well organized and is very reliable for a need to know basis. If my friend let's me play LCS on his PSP Lite I could use this is he lets me do 100%

But nether the less, facts and information would be a lot cleaner and easier to access if they were in dot point. Example:

Level 1: 1 Criminal

Level 2: etc etc

I haven't played the game but the guide is very good for a need to know basis, like I was saying.

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You could have done to outline a few additional tactics besides *drive-by shoot them*, like performing the P.I.T. manuever (if you do it properly the criminals often don't even try to recover, exit the car and try to escape on foot) or setting up roadblocks (A good strategy in cases where you know where the criminal is going and can cut them off, like on that one way road looping around Kenji's Casino), but I'm just nitpicking. Otherwise, this guide is flawless. Nice job!

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