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This is a Public Service Announcement

The Cool

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(Me being competitive)

Hello fellow forum mates, Cool here :thumbsup:

I am one of the members of the IVTV clan, and proud to say one of the minds behind the biggest clan on any forum. I hope my words spark the flame needed to make you a worthy opponent. I actually gave this site a chance at being the biggest clan, but you all criticized my innovation. :thumbsdown:

Don't believe me, here's the links!



:bashhead: Yeah, I know >.<

I plan on crushing you all, so enjoy.

Officially The Cool

p.s. Gotta learn to live with regrets

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Guess you missed it, oh well. Why would we regret anything? You act as if you're the best thing to happen ever. Sounds like you're taking this WAY seriously, dude. It's a game. C'mon, you're 22 years old. Chill out and enjoy things, you're gonna age like crazy. And uhm? Regrets? Yeah, okay lol. How would ANYONE from here regret you leaving? GTA4.tv is a larger place than this, obviously they're going to be BIGGER. But ofcourse you have that cocky attitude, but whatever man. It's a game, that's what I look at it as.

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Why is everybody making me out to be some obsessed asshole?

I was just trying to have a competitive spirit, sorry for the confusion.

I guess i expected people to be hyped about the fun we're going to have on April 29th.

Oh yeah, no need to get personal, I actually do have a life.

So once again I apologize, and as far as my cocky attitude goes, let's just say i'm really confident.

Officially The Cool.

p.s. Duff, you know me better than that.

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