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Holding GTA IV....

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I work at WalMart, and being in the electronics department I saw that we got GTA IV in and I almost had a heart attack. So I waited until no one was around and just drooled over the game for about half an hour. I could not believe what I was holding in my hands. I can't upload the pics from my phone , but they are pretty crazy because we have 250 copies of it in stock.

Just for the record I did not steal any, and I didn't even think about it because the release is only two days away :dribble: and it would be too hard for me to steal it anyway.

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Good call, don't want to lose your job over it. Just give the $$$ to a friend & have them in the store at midnight

Monday to pick it up for you if you're working. (Presuming it's a 24 hr store.)

Were there any special editions in the shipment?

Coo thing is that I get off Monday night at 9 pm so I will just wait in line for three hours pick it up, go home and play. Its kinda weird though because I did not see any special editions, they were all just the game.

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Thanks, that leaves the local game shop. I'm going to try to bribe my way in a couple minutes early w/ a pizza, get to

the head of the line for the midnight sale.

aha, nice man :P

I wish when i preordered this years ago i realized that it was in the mall, and there wouldnt be a midnight release,:(

back to the topic, lucky you man, I definatley wouldve stolen a copy somehow, my brother told me he threw w.e he wanted in the trash(dumpster out back) but put it somewhere he could get it later on and hed do this whenever he wanted something

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