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  1. I havn't yet, but im suspecting Ill get one tommorow, I called them the other day to ask if Id be guaranteed it on the day , if they dont call tommorow Im calling them again lol
  2. Aww , oh well, thanks for the response, just sucks cause most of my friends dont have 360 and if they do they dont have live, oh well.
  3. aha, nice man I wish when i preordered this years ago i realized that it was in the mall, and there wouldnt be a midnight release, back to the topic, lucky you man, I definatley wouldve stolen a copy somehow, my brother told me he threw w.e he wanted in the trash(dumpster out back) but put it somewhere he could get it later on and hed do this whenever he wanted something
  4. Just wondering if anyone whos gotten the game early or had a chance to play it or whatever, if it is possible to play free mode with another friend on the same console + tv?? Oh, and please dont say, oh youll have to find out on tuesday or anything , thanks
  5. lol....using the indicators when ur in a cop chase.....let them know where your going Lmao, i could just see it now, put the left turn signal on and turn right COPS: OMFG WHERED HE GO?!?!?!
  6. :mellow::mellow::mellow: Ok then, Ill be sure not to piss you off And damn them for playing before we all get a chance, but i suppose we shouldve known this would happen.
  7. I will agree that it sucks there is no mod shop, but i think it would take A LOT of time to get the physics right for new cars if there were bodykits that were longer or w.e and new shocks etc. similar to how they decided to keep Niko's body the same as they got the physics JUST RIGHT. Also, you probably won't need to mod your car as they already are lookin pretty sexy, and I think they will be faster now so the need for NOS isnt required. It would be realistic to have a mod shop in the game since you can in real life, but its also realistic for your body weight/muscles to change, but they had a very important technical issue to deal with, so they chucked that idea making me realize that its worth having the physics be amazing if it means no modding your car. And guys, dont worry the fact that its the greatest game of 08' will make you forget about car modding as there is so much else going on in game.
  8. IGN has posted a new article with an interview with Aaron Garbut and some new screens, there will be more articles all week so check back at IGN. IGN'll have new details on the multiplayer, the advantages of building friendships, and more this week. GTA IV: The City That Never Sleeps
  9. wow, that sounded awesome reading that , "As it is not where he is from that matters but where we are going to take him." sounds like a really famous quote but anyways, True say my friend
  10. Its actually planned for an August 2008 release i think its something like August 26th
  11. Its been confirmed a while back that this is how youll have to escape the cops by getting out of this circle
  12. In regards to being able to shut off the engine, i recall some magazine or other preview saying you press Y or Triangle once to get in the car and Y or Triangle again to start the engine, so maybe fuel is included but im not sure, IMO it would be somewhat annoying,but im sure there would be a lot of gas stations around, and criminals running out of gas is often what brings chases to an end; bringing more realism. also, i think R* could joke around with the gas prices.
  13. Agreed, killing koreans is only fun for so long I wish they had put their engine to better use gameplay wise
  14. My parents don't care at all, as they know Im smart enough to realize its not right to run up and stab somebody or just run up to someones car and jack it. I've been playing GTA since i was like 9 years old, and half the shit that was said in the game i didnt even understand, so it didnt really have an affect on me. Even before i was 9 id watch my brother play all the time. My parents hardly even glance at the covers, let alone the ratings on them. And if one of the salesperson gave my mom a hard time, I have a good feeling the salesperson would wish he/she hadn't given her a hard time
  15. it looks like most of those are from the new wallpapers on the GTA IV site, some of them i havnt seen though
  16. nice find, ill give you that, but I 100 percent DO NOT think R* would release a screenshot showing Roman, one of the main characters plummeting to his death. If you think its part of the story i doubt it, if it is roman i think its showing how you can kill your partners during a mission, then redo them.
  17. I have a feeling that rockstar will have you do the first mission right away, like drive to roman's place after getting off the boat. But I think ill do a few of the tutorial missions for cover etc. as when i dont pay attention to what the text says i usually miss something cool , but after ive done a few ill pick some fights, explore around in a sexy vehicular device, cause some trouble with the LCPD. I am really damn excited right now!!!
  18. Yea, I just find it annoying having to go back and click on another screenshot, it would be much more convenient if there was just a next and previous button.
  19. I really hope its a guide for immigrants:P, I can just imagine it now lol. On the page for Controls at the top it could say something like "What you Immigrants don't even know how to use your arms and legs!? Sheesh, Why do we even bother letting you in." lol
  20. I really hope not, how many times do you get in a crash? i get in one pretty often and it would be quite a pain if the ambulance came every single time and if that feature is included, i think it would only be on the higher-end cars
  21. alright, all im gonna say is, actually LOOK at the pictures, read some previews and see what they say about the graphics, ill quote IGN i thinks its from 'the graphics look as good as Call of Duty 4', if anyone here has played it, the graphics are pretty damn good. It isnt the same old shit, theyve improved on so many aspects of the game it just seems you're too ignorant to realize that
  22. uhhmmm THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CJ AND NIKO!!! Niko's face is actually round Cj's=a bunch of rectangles that are really close to being round, and from what we've seen Nikos arms are actually round now instead of multiple rectangles which is obviously an improvment. And so far i actually havnt seen any actual gameplay screens from IV, where are you seeing these? Although i have seen some that appear to be in game but im not sure. Yea the graphics will be the same, if not better than the trailers and It seems you are implying they will be worse which I highly doubt. And you don't know when this screen was taken it couldve been from early stages. AND id like to add the fact that i dont think many of us care so much about the graphics as much as the physics etc. but i could be wrong.
  23. I think it would be cool to be able to buy new holsters for your guns, like ankle one, hips, coat etc. and like a briefcase for a sniper and a backpack for other weapons, or the duffle bag like we've seen and maybe even some back straps; as I always enjoy upgrading things in a game.
  24. I've noticed that too. I also saw in my local EB one of the Liberty City license plates you get for pre ordering the special edition hanging behind the counter i wanna buy it from them but whats the point i already ordered the special edition.
  25. Its true that this deal will most likely go through, although I doubt the Houser bros. would let EA change their company/game/series etc. too a degree where it sucked ass, Im sure theyd become independent and make their best efforts to make sure the GTA series stands up to its name, so Im not that worried.
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