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The GTA IV Show-Off Topic


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playboy20, needless bump just to say that GTA4 for PC rules. I'm trying to get my Packie respect up, I believe I can get a trophy if I do, and then that'll be my 250th trophy so far. Other than that, just cruising around the city. There isn't a lot else to do, but by exploring you can still discover new locations, which is the major plus point for the game.

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On my second time around, currently at the mission "That Special Someone".

Oh yeah, I'm also having trouble with Dawyne which is anyoning. Everyone time I call him to ask him if he wants to go out, he replies by saying hes busy or

some other BS. It sucks because if you get his respect up then you can call for backup. And I cant do that if he doesnt want to hang out with Niko.

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I already finish the game, now I just learning to surviving heli jump...thats pretty hard...

and sometimes try to escape *5 wanted level with car, but i never success..:(

haha I actually escaped from it once. I was on the train tracks with a bike and i purposely went through to a restricted island, then followed the train tracks for like 5 minutes. I managed to evade a 5 star wanted level!

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Expect spoilers!

Tell us what your doing on GTA 4. I loved

Using my phone to call the police or the police scanner to get back-up!

GTA IV is cool. And the ending...

Ha! Find out yourself!

duno dude i like to get into cops computers,go online,watch tv,go to comedy club,drive drunk(its quiet fun lol)

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