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Whats missing that you wanted

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I miss

- Police Motorbikes

- Police Uniforms (although not finished so not sure if they are in there somewhere like you could get in Vice City)

- Ambulance and Fire Truck Missions

- Stadium Events

- Motorbike Tricks like in Vice City

- Being able to buy businesses and new houses

- Car Customisation

- I miss the ton of clothing and accessory options that San Andreas had.

- Swimming underwater

- Push Bikes and the races and missions you could do with them (Mount Chilad for example)

- Flame Throwers

But I have to say I think GTA4 is the new begining for GTA on the new consoles, just the same as GTA3 was for the ps2 when it was released. I think so much will come in the next lot of sequels to fill all our cravings for GTA that we probably dont have to worry. I think Rockstar has VERY big plans for the next lot of GTA games.

you said exactly what i was thinkin.

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I haven't played the game, but I know what's in it, and what's not. While generally improving most aspects of the game, Rockstar didn't keep some of the most original things, such as:

-buying more safehouses (only four in the entire city?!)

-car/clothes customisations


-more weapons (I personally miss the minigun and flamethrower)

-airplanes (they were kinda hard to steer in SA, but still fun)

-parachutes (one of the best things about SA were that you could go free-falling off tall buildings or planes, and survive it)

-the 'funny' weapons (dildo, vibrator, flowers)

-Ammunation (it was a great symbol of America's love for guns)

-the stretch limo always looks kinda crappy compared to the other cars, in every game

I didn't care much for the motorbike missions and stadium stuff, but it apparently there isn't enough to do in the game without them.

And this isn't 'missing', but I think it would have been cool if the environments were destructible, even if it was only certain buildings.

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Soma these have proly been mentioned but:

- The ability to buy properties instead of being assigned just a few

- GARAGES!!! the street parking isnt bad but its too easy for your vehicles to get rammed outta place/blown up or stolen. I've had vehicles missing, sometimes its cops taking them, otherwise when I load up a new game sometimes a vehicle would be missing.

- The ability to fly planes, comon, what good is the airport if all you can do is grab a baggage cart or plane mover. I really miss the fighter jet, & the Apache w/ rockets -lockon... The "annhialator" just aint hittin on much

- To deploy parachute

- The tank

- Spawn more dogon vehicles, there are lots in-game but few to spawn

- I'd also love to be able to destroy more of the environment other than mailboxes/trashbags/barrels etc, I do like the more realistic vehicle damage

- Speed up time to recover from human/vehicle impacts

- More work on melee

- Ability to customize plyr face/body (besides limited ability in mltplyr)

- *I really like story lines that follow diff paths pending plyr actions, more of that!

- Also like covert, stealth where you take out cats who aint spectin you to, give some realism in this, dont let enemies 300' away see & shoot us w/ sniper precision when all he has is a pistol (THAT INCLUDES COPS!!!). Let us use a sniper rifle to see him before he sees us & take him out, likes its post to be.

- Women, hmm, It might add interest to have some tough gals in the game on the baddies side, tryin to take you out, hmm, is she your faithful gf or is she workin for the big boss maybe slips somethin into your drink or spends the night w/ you to steal something of interest, does she end up betraying the boss based on decision(s) you make, does she turn out to be the big boss herself!

- More weapons, I miss the Katana, maybe in the future we could get a weapon editor, maybe advanced for the pc to make our own weapons..

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