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  1. tsohmas

    Dan Houser talks about the next GTA

    i think it will be in vice city. well its a good possibility. they kinda talk about vice city alot in gta 4. with the radio and all. but they also talk about san andreas. and since the next game will be called gta: v. theres another possibility for vice. idk maybe
  2. tsohmas

    favourite car?

    banshee all the way
  3. tsohmas

    Gta 3 VIDEO

    i used the flying cars cheat and the tank. works like a charm. did that like 4 years ago
  4. tsohmas

    circular saw?

    yea i heard those saws lots of times. i didnt think much of em.
  5. tsohmas

    Whats missing that you wanted

    you said exactly what i was thinkin.
  6. tsohmas

    Favourite Gang Car

    i dont know if im bein a noob or somtin but, whats GTA 3 Real??
  7. when you crash into someone. CJ says -you complete fuckin moron. or a pedestrian says, my hooptie!
  8. SF-UR is pretty good. the dj is funny as hell. i like it i think i like radio-x the most. sage is the best.
  9. tsohmas

    City Slickers Teaser Trailer

    i like cars and i like your video. cant wait to see it.
  10. tsohmas

    Grand Theft Auto Movie

    alright if anyone watched all three of those videos, i think you'll agree with me. sorry i was such a meanie to you little kids. i know how much your home made GTA videos mean to you. im done.
  11. tsohmas

    Grand Theft Auto Movie

    i said it was the gayest, not the worst. it wasnt even him that made it. it was his friend.
  12. tsohmas


    that suck. i really liked the Elegy. i liked how you could swing the ass end out and bring it back under control.
  13. tsohmas


    leave it to one person to ruin it all for a whole county.
  14. tsohmas

    GTA to return to Vice City in 2009?

    if it was in london, it would be just like those gay getaway games. tokyo would actually be kinda cool. with the yakuza and everything.