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The Breakup of the British Isles


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It seems that many people including the Scottish Labour Political Party are wanting a Scottish breakaway from the United Kingdom. Wendy Alexander, the leader of the Scottish Labour party wants a referendum (Public Poll) to be brought back a few years, this means Scottish independence will be closer than expected. I am against the Scottish Breakaway thing personally on numerous things:

  1. Scotland gets plenty of Back-up from London and other areas of the United Kingdom
  2. Scotland is part of the Island of Britain
  3. Will bring the UK's Economy Down
  4. A new Currency could be foreseeable

If this does happen then once I leave school I'll probably go back to live in York or something. I have always fancied living in York because I was born there and I used to live there for four years.

Stories about this :: FROM BBC.CO.UK

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Story 4

Story 5

Story 6 (From August 2007)

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Yeah, Scotland is quite a small area of land (But since I have been up to Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Orkney Islands it is massive considering that it looks small from maps). But yeah it is too small, the population is too small (5,000,000) and we have a British Government what has been f*cked up along with the Scottish government what is also f*cked up. Right now I prefer Gordon Brown over Alex Salmond.

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England...Great Britain...The United Kingdom...Holland...The Netherlands...Germany...Deutschland...stop with the different names! :(

LOL. It's actually worse with the whole Holland/Netherlands thing. Because Holland is actually a region of The Netherlands. See Holland, usage of the word on wikipedia

Those British terms basically just mean different countries within the UK. Wikipedia helps explain with this useful diagram

Basically, the official name of our country is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - this is ALL the sovereign states. This is what is usually shortened to the United Kingdom, or just, the UK.

The "British Isles" refers to all of the United Kingdom and all of Ireland.

The "United Kingdom" is Great Britain and Northern Ireland

"Great Britain" contains England, Scotland, and Wales

"Ireland" contains the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland

the "Channel Islands" are Jersey and Guernsey (there are also a few other smaller, non-official islands such as Alderney and Sark)

That's probably all the terms you'll ever hear. Now you know what they all mean. To be honest, most Brits get confused by this anyway. :P

This is actually one of the reasons I don't like using the term British, because if you call someone a Brit, they could actually be from one of three countries. Most people from Wales will call themselves Welsh, most people from Scotland will call themselves Scottish... however, in England, most of us will call ourselves British (Brits). But I don't, I prefer to say I'm English, I don't want to be associated with the Scots and Welsh thank you very much, I am from neither of those two nationalities, I'm just from England :P

That's why I choose to display the cross of St George as my flag on here, rather than the Union Jack. But that's just my preference, I still notice a lot of people here choose to display the Union Jack :)

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I chose the Union Jack because I was born in England, live in Scotland and that were are in the United Kingdom.

To confuse everyone this is the actual name of the United Kingdom (It says that on my Passport):

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Head of the Commonwealth countries.

The Country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who have adopted the Great British Pound as their official currency and are part of the European Union.

Pre-1945 Name is: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland along with The Great British Empire of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pacific Islands and Hong Kong.

Pre-1777 Name is: The Great British Empire of the Eastern North American Coastline.

A lot of Confusion with those names above :P.

Edited by Thomas.
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I know the Euro doesn't suck, I have a 2 Euro cent sitting on my windowsill waiting to be used, I actually bought a whole load of Euros to go to Amsterdam earlier this year however, the flight got cancelled and we had to go from New York to Edinburgh instead of New York to Amsterdam.

The Scottish were independent many centuries ago but that was when the Scottish Population was below 1,000,000 and could be run by the King or Queen. I think you realise that the laws of Scotland and England back in 1300 were all the same apart from a few. It was messed up because there was a war between England and Scotland over Queen Mary of Scotland's death which was caused by Queen Elizabeth I.

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