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That 2002/2003 thing would be edited to 2008 © (your name) and then some copyright things :) and by the way i like chickens!!

No. The game belongs to Rockstar, he can't just change a few things and take full credit.

Like, how i changed the smiley in your post. Now it belongs to me. Chickens are cool

Lol. What about gangs? are there gonna be any new gangs??

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Doc, did you know that for Ultimate Vice City, all you needed to do was download it onto your desktop and the files place themselves in the correct spots?

Yes its through a setup. Or its also easy through mod installer if there is an install script... Its fuckin hard to make a setup file so i doubt there is gonna be one unless somebody helps me make one.

And Air, yes i already started working on gang. On Prawn Island there is already a mafia gang.

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lol...u dun need an install script. it makes it a little easier, but...

not really necessary i reckon.

Exactly, that is why im not sure if i want to bother making one. But it would be more "professional" if it had one because there are very many files. Its a TC... I will think about it.

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Wassup guys, i just got back from Greece and i will post updates shortly. During my vacation i have been doin stuff for the mod on my laptob but i didnt bother posting... I did do a few little things and created a mission storyline but i have not managed to get it ingame yet (i might need an extra scripter). As soon as i get the stuff ova from my laptop i will post an update including the mission storyline.

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