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PS3 Game Saves

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HOLY SHIT I could ban at least 5 people in this topic. What the fucking hell is wrong with all you pricks, Jesus Christ.

All he asked was for a 100% game save, and not one of you replied with a helpful answer. How fucking hard is it to say "nobody has uploaded one yet" or something similar.

To answer OP's original question, I just did... as far as I know, nobody here has uploaded one yet. Here is one that was added recently - http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=2826

The author says he is uploading a 100% game save soon, so look out for it.

@ Everyone else except GTA Don: Enjoy all your warnings. And if you continue being pricks, enjoy your bans.

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You would think the guy UNSPEAKABLY DREADFUL the way everyone automatically started hating. I have downloaded save files before, so what? Its not like its hurting ANYONE.. If people want to upload them, GOOD FOR THEM!, if people want to download them, LET THEM BE!


Edit: Yes i realize this thread is a little old. Sue me, i havent been on in a while..

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