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can i save a jetpack in a garage?


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You can save one sort of... you have to get out of it where CJ will appear after you save, when you restart, CJ appears right where it is & wearing it. Study where CJ appears after a save & remember that spot then get out of it so that it's on that spot (this may take a few tries) & save. It worked like that at the Camel's Toe. http://gtasnp.com/9149

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MrLlamaLlama: thanks. I already knew this. I just don't want to go all the way to the airstrip every time i need it

*JAJ*: I tried that a bunch of times. It would work when I'd go in and out of the safe house but the jetpack would disappear once I actually saved

J-Love: I don't like to use cheats

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