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Playboy or Dwayne?


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I don't know how to use spoiler tags so just stop reading here if you haven't met Playboy X or Dwayne ye

I killed X and got his apartment, what happens if you kill Dwayne? I was gonna redo the mission to see but I saved it.

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I killed Playboy X, that bastard i hate him ¬¬

Now my question is...

In other mission

I killed Francis Mc Reary, what happened if i would choose to kill Derrick? >.<

killing derrick gives you a favor from francis (you can call him once and he'll remove a wanted rating). the second time i beat the game (for the liberty city minute achievement) i did it this way out of curiosity but i never called in the favor so i don't know how high of a wanted rating he'll clear...it would have to be high to be worth it though because dating kiki allows you to clear a 3 star with a phone call to her.

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