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Rocket Launcher

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You might be able to get it from the beginning of the game (not tested). Consider the following as possible

spoiler material.

Just north of Algonquin is a large rock in the water, it may or may not trigger a warrant. On that rock is a RPG & from

there you can see a tower next to the shore (that one will probably set off a warrant if Algonquin isn't open) At the top

of the tower is a sniper rifle. The rock shows up on the map & you can swim to it.

Look for the abandoned hospital on Colony Island, there should be enough cars there to get your achievement.

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well i can buy it from jacob...

I dont think I could ever buy it from Jacob. I might be mistaken i never got to finish the game because my save file screwed up. i was toward the end of the game working with Gerrald but i think i still had to buy it from tthe gunshops i think.

Im not positive though, but i know i could get everything else from Jacob maybe i hadnt made it far enough in the game


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Okay, on the rocket launcher you have to wait for the second island to open up unless you want to fight off a 6* warrant.

The magnum isn't so hard, the easiest one to find is on top of a big storage tank on Charge Island just under tho toll

booths & next to a catwalk that connects it to the rest of the water treatment plant.

Plan B is get to do the Brucie mission

"Search & Delete"

which opens vigilante work. Go into the computer

& look for CURRANT CRIMES & select an ON FOOT crime. The only problem is whether or not you can get to the criminal

in time. If you do they drop a little cash (haven't seen any from GANG ACTIVITY & STOLEN VEHICLE is just a pain) & a

weapon. I noticed the weapons get better as you go & had a sniper rifle & M4 while I was still in Hove Beach & they drop

magnums from time to time.

WARNING - Be careful if they look unarmed, they also pack grenades.

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That would be as soon as the second island opens unless the vigilante targets eventually get RPGs

There's the one on Northstar Rock & a second in a nook facing the sea, under the construction site next to helitours. A

Reefer or Marquise is plenty tall enough to reach but I've gotten it w/ a Tropic Squalo. The nook is the first one W of

Helitours pad.

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