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Jbmeira is on a meeting in New York with TNF and some agent of the Angry Gorilla Organisation named Korpee.

Warner drives past them on a Pink Faggio and tries to run them over, Jbmeira gets in his Phoenix and calls for back-up. The chase lasts ages, Warner's small Faggio lets him go through long lines of buses and taxis, but Jbmeira catches up and uses his equalizer to burst the tires. Warner loses control driving it across the Verrazano Bridge and falls into the water and smashes onto a small boat, breaking his arms. The underneath of the boat opens, Angry Gorilla himself jumps up and arrests him, he was hiding there all along, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

The end.

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Jack Thompson always had a thing for Dora the Explorer, everytime she appeared on TV he would go hard and he had to leave the lounge to avoid or else people would notice, when he was in his bedroom he would go to www.rule34cartoons.com and vigorously masturbate to sordid pictures of Dora and that fox shagging.

One day Jack Thompson registered on www.thegtaplace.com, the coolest GTA fansite in the world to advertise his piczo site, this backfired when two members flamed him. He went on to do other things like post a stunt video which was modded and became a crappy 'DJ'.

But he went too far when he posted a tutorial on how to animate things but it was only links to his crappy website, you had to register on it too to get the info. Many members scolded him and he even admitted to treating women like objects. This was when one member called Angry Gorilla decided to hack into his computer.

Angry Gorilla discovered many gay things, the list included rude chat logs, many shocking obscene pictures and most importantly, the pictures of Dora the Explorer doing obscene things to herself with her mom's big dildo that Jack Thompson downloaded, it was disgusting. Angry Gorilla decided to go tell his chums about what he saw.

The next day Jack Thompson logged in, he discovered over 9000 hateful PMs, every single member had discovered his disgusting secrets. When he made a topic complaining to the mods they just laughed at him for being a fag, everyone laughed at him for being a pervert and so he left TGTAP forever and ever.

And you know what, this story is full of bullshit, because Angry Gorilla made up the story and Jack Thompson doesn't have a massive disgusting obsession with Dora the Explorer... or does he?

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TNF decided that enough was enough, he and his gang of thieves are gonna stop Warner and his sick friends from robbing the innocence of any more souls, once and for all! But how? Every time TNF and his gang ever killed Warner or his chums they would somehow come back.

Then it hit him, TNF realised that he wouldn't be able to kill the gang of dirty pedophiles like he could kill an average human, no! He would have to use a mega powerful weapon to suck all their regenerative powers and transform them into ordinary humans.

TNF sat there thinking for hours.

Meanwhile Angry Gorilla was in a crappy hotel room in some poor part of Cock Town, fighting against Johnny-Kazuki.

"WHALES 4 LYFE!" u cock wen i'm dun killing you im gonna go rape that bitch! I can just imagine her wanting it hard!" Kazuki said, he stopped fighting with Gorilla to drool at the sick perverted thoughts in his mind, this was Gorilla's chance.

"Take that! You pedo!" Angry Gorilla said, and he popped two caps in Kazuki's head.

"WHALES 4 LYFE! when i cum back i shall kill you!" Kazuki yelled, before falling out of a window and onto the path of a big lorry, Angry Gorilla walked towards the girl whom Kazuki tried to rape, Angry Gorilla spotted a dark shadow demon was next to him, it hovered into a dark closet, Gorilla stared into the closet for a long time.

A young hispanic girl with short bangs and a red dress jumped out of the closet and decapitated the rape victim with a sword.

"What the hell was that for!?" Gorilla shouted.

"That girl was nothing but a puppet of the treacherous MDetector5 and his friend Chase the Hedgehog, who are responsible for the creation of Warner's gang."

"Who and what are they?" Gorilla said, confused.

"MDetector5 is a guy who enjoys crappy pictures of women getting pwned. Chase is a furfag who wants to have sex with toddlers."

"Toddlers? That's revolting!" Gorilla said in disgust.

"Yes, but they are not our main concern now, TNF killed them three years ago, how this puppet lasted this long without their orders is beyond me."

"I guess I can go back to helping TNF destroy the gang of pedos then?" Gorilla said.

"Wrong, TNF and his gang of thieves must continue on without you! Me and you have a special mission together, oh and by the way my name is Luci Juarez and I have an IQ of over 200." The girl said.


TNF and Noodle were in the dark jungle where Raymond was supposed to have been hiding the mega powerful weapon, they had to be quiet or else the monsters would wake up and eat them alive.

"So TNF, why are we going to Raymond's cave again?" Noodle asked.

"We are going to find the mega powerful weapon and slay Raymond with it." TNF replied.

The two warriors entered the dark cave where Raymond was about to molest some poor girl he kidnapped.

"I will rape you now!" Raymond said, dribbling over his shirt and onto the floor, he was fingering Hazer's butthole and the two losers started to shag each other, the poor girl who was tied onto the pole had to watch them shag each other. TNF and Noodle saw their chance and untied the girl, she ran off and hid behind some crates.

"We must find the mega powerful weapon!" TNF said. Then he saw the mega powerful weapon in a glass box.

"Smash it!" Noodle said, TNF smashed the box and got out the weapon.

"That thing isn't loaded!" Raymond said, he was covered in feces, as was Hazer.

"GE0RIGWPUPGITRESOUIORSJEOSORI!!!111!!" Hazer yelled like a retard, he shat all over the floor.

"Quick TNF! Kill them!" Noodle said, he grabbed the ammo and loaded it into TNF's mega powerful weapon, which we will now address as the MPW.

"Take this!" Raymond yelled, "I HAET MALAY!" and both of them were about to fire their Crap Cannons and blast a load of shit on the two heroes faces, but TNF fired his weapon just in time, and both of them fried into a crisp.

"NOOOOOO!!! WE AREN'T DYING!! NOOOOOoooooo!!" Hazer screamed, as he burned to death.

TNF and Noodle looked at the poop and gore all over the floor, and realised that Raymond and Hazer are gone forever.

"We finally defeated the evil Raymond and Hazer!" TNF said, "Now lets go find Angry Gorilla and the gang of thieves and lets kill Warner's gang forever!"


"Where are we?" Gorilla asked.

"We're inside the warehouse where you saved that girl from the evil Raymond on January, remember? This is where it all began." Luci said, "Back then you was a vampire with a massive gun."

"Oh, I remember now, he nearly got her pregnant, that tosser!" Gorilla said.

Gorilla and Luci wandered around the warehouse, Raymond wasn't the only dirty pervert here, there were plenty of other twisted pedos here too, the horrible history left a mark on the two poles sticking from the ground.

An evil laughter echoed around the warehouse, Gorilla ran back to the entrance, Jack Thompson was there and was naked and drenched in blood.

"Where did the blood come from?" Gorilla asked.

"I raped my victim a little too hard!" Jack Thompson said, laughing like the sick bastard he is, his cock suddenly grew and it sent Gorilla flying out of the window.

It was raining and there was blood everywhere, Gorilla got up and followed the blood tracks and saw a dead corpse, it was drenched in blood and it was in a mess, the face was covered in its own intestines, it was truly a godforsaken sight.

"Jack Thompson! You're a sick bastard!" Gorilla yelled, Jack Thompson just laughed as he appeared out of nowhere and kicked Gorilla flying onto a forklift.

"Now Gorilla I will kill you! IEJIOAAOIIORAOGRO!" Jack Thompson yelled, as he raised a large sword, ready to kill the gorilla who was pinned down.

"Leave Gorilla alone!" Luci yelled, she cut off Jack Thompson's legs and he fell into a river full of crocodiles, unlike the other pedos Jack has no respawning abilities, so he was dead forever anyway.

Gorilla just plain stared at her, he thought the corpse was her.

"What?" Luci said.

"Nothing, just surprised to see you." Gorilla said.


"Okay so that is Hazer and Raymond gone!" Who is next?" Noodle asked, as they walked through the dark jungle.

"We still have to deal with Warner, Anarchy Nation, Johnny-Kazuki and Xt0ny!" TNF said, "Especially Xt0ny! I HATE XT0NY!"

"Cool, I wonder where that gorilla is." Noodle said.

"Must have taken a trip to the warehouse where it all started." TNF said.

"Let's go there and see if he's okay." Noodle said, but suddenly an evil force stopped them in their path.

"WHALES 4 LIFE!!!" Johnny-Kazuki yelled, "that gorilla tried to kill me but he failed, now i kill you you faggots! WHALES 4 LYF!!"

"Die!" TNF said, with his MPW he banished Kazuki into nothing.

"That was quick!" Noodle said.

"We don't have much time, we must get to Gorilla before the rest of the gang get to him." TNF said.


"So Alucardo why exactly did you start this whole thing?" Luci asked.

"I dunno, I guess I was pissing around when I saw this girl, she was being raped by Raymond but I felt I had to do something about it, so I jumped in and killed him." Alucardo said, he was now the vampire with the massive gun.

"I see." Luci said, little did she know that both of them were being spied upon by the rest of Warner's gang from a flying black helicopter.

"Yum yum!" Anarchy Nation said, licking his lips and drooling all over his shirt, "I can't wait to molest her!"

"No AN! She is but another member of TNF's gang of thieves, you can't risk your cock being lopped off!" Xt0ny said, he flew the helicopter over the two warriors.

"Oh no!" Luci said, "They've discovered our location!"

"No need to worry!" Alucardo said, he grabbed the Anti-Noob Jackal and destroyed the helicopter on one shot, it crashed and killed the pedos inside, "They're dead now!"

"You do realise that they will come back to life, they've had enough of TNF's crusade and they won't stop until they kill you!" Luci warned.

"Hah! They can't kill me!" Alucardo said.

"Admirable courage, Alucardo, but they CAN kill you! You're not invincible like you think!" Luci said.

"You're pretty rude and cheeky for such a young girl." Alucardo sneered.

"Also more intelligent than you and wise enough to know better." Luci said.

"ENOUGH SHIT U CUNTS!! DIEEE1!11!!!" Warner screamed, he grabbed his quad shotgun and managed to wound Alucardo with it.

"Nooooo!" Luci yelled, "You motherfucker! I kill you!"

Luci jumped into the air and charged at Warner, but he just simply pulled the trigger and blasted Luci backwards and onto the cold concrete floor, so much for knowing better.

"You silly bitch!" Warner cackled as he stared at Luci, pinned to the ground and totally helpless, it was bad enough that the sick fuck was laughing at her, but then Warner's disgusting fetishes came into play.

"My my!" Warner said, licking his lips, he dribbled all over his shirt and kilt.

"You're uglier than Fat Bastard from Austin Powers! No way I let your filthy hands near me!" Luci yelled.

"Oh but you will let me have my way with you! You can't fight back! You're totally helpless! Now! Prepare for the most traumatising experience in your life!" Warner cackled, the sick bastard went closer.

"You better let Warner rape you! He didn't have any action for over a week!" Xt0ny said, sneering, Anarchy Nation slithered near.

"Oh boy! Loli! Dribble Dribble!" AN said, whimpering like a dog.

"You disgusting bastards! Do you know how it feels to be raped?" Luci yelled.

"We sure do, lol!" Xt0ny said.


"You sickos leave her alone!" TNF yelled.

"Well if it ain't the stupid noob!" Xt0ny said, cackling.

"Let's end this once and for all, I will set the MPW to Spawnkiller Mode so that you will return into the pathetic human you once was! Then I will have the pleasure of killing you!" TNF yelled.

"Poor TNF, always wanting to have the last word, Spawnkiller Mode takes ten minutes to charge up, by which then you will be dead, why don't you just simple banish me on normal mode?" Xt0ny laughed.

"I want total revenge on you, Xt0ny, I will never forgive you for destroying my good name!" TNF yelled.

"Bawwwwwwwwwwww!!" Xt0ny taunted, he started to yell insults in TNF's face, the gun was not totally charged to Spawnkiller Mode but TNF wanted to chop Xt0ny to bits.

A fight endured, TNF and Xt0ny were doing the matrix, Xt0ny grabbed his special Xt0ny Ray and tried to zap TNF with it, but he missed. TNF grabbed an MP5 and blew holes into Xt0ny's chest, blood soaked his shirt as he tried to get to TNF, then TNF grabbed a shotgun and blew a hole into Xt0ny's head.

"You can't kill me the normal way!" Xt0ny reminded TNF, his decapitated body disappeared from sight, TNF looked behind to see Xt0ny in his original healthy form.

"And just to make sure you have no chance whatsoever of beating me!" Xt0ny yelled, jumping on the MPW, destroying it completely.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" TNF yelled into the air!

"And to add insult to injury, I'm gonna banish you with the bullets from the MPW! I'll load 'em into Alucardo's weapon." Xt0ny said, laughing at TNF's angry face, little did Xt0ny know that Alucardo was about to wake up.

"Now TNF, Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" Xt0ny yelled as he jumped into the air, aiming his weapon ready to blow off TNF's head, but suddenly both of Xt0ny's arms were shot off by Noodle.

"Take that Xt0ny!" Noodle shouted.

Alucardo got up from the floor and grabbed the gun from one of Xt0ny's arms.

"No! Please take mercy!" Xt0ny begged, but Alucardo simple banished him with the gun.

Raymond, Hazer, Johnny-Kazuki and now Xt0ny are banished, that left Warner and Anarchy Nation left, Alucardo saw Warner taking Luci's dress off and he got angry.

"Grrrr! Leave her alone!" Alucardo yelled, before kicking Warner's head off and blasting it with his weapon, that adds Warner to the banished list, Anarchy Nation jumped onto a pink faggio and drive off.

"TNF! Noodle! Look after her! I must go kill our final enemy!" Alucard said, he jumped on a black motorbike and drove off after Anarchy Nation.


Anarchy Nation was driving on the highway on his faggio, laughing like the retarded fag he is, Alucardo caught up.

"Catch me if you can!" AN laughed, Alucardo fired shots from his weapon at AN, but he missed him.

"Crap!" Alucardo yelled to himself, "I only got one shot! I must not ruin it!"

Alucardo jumped off his bike and managed to hit AN, but unfortunately he didn't disappear, the charging from Spawnkiller Mode seemed to have some bad effect on the bullet, Alucardo watched in despair as AN fell off his faggio and onto the train track below the highway bridge.

"Ha ha! You stupid vampire!" Anarchy Nation laughed, "You didn't kill me! The bullet had no effect on me! Nothing can kill me! Not you! Not TNF! Not..."

Anarchy Nation got run over by a train, when the train left the scene Alucardo noticed that AN was fried to a crisp, AN has been banished.

"Finally! Warner's evil gang has finally been defeated!" Alucardo yelled.


TNF and his gang of thieves were chilling out at the club, Luci was nursed back to health, Warner's gang is being tortured in hell permaently, blah blah blah...

The End!

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