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I personally don't like Photoshop, I think it is overused as people use it more and more... besides Photoshop killed my sisters excellent laptop what had excellent memory for PS and it practically blew up (Not literally).

How it blew up? I have a crappy PC and Photoshop doesn't lag.

What was your sister's RAM?

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I just realized that I'm on a computer which has 256mb of RAM and it's running nice and stable. It's probably just the laptop, if you use desktop PCs photoshop could possibly run smoothly.

I use PS in my shitty laptop and it's fine. And the memory sux.

Stop chatting in my graphics topic, only use it if you are wanting a graphic.

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Hey Thomas, nice work it looks great.

I have a request, could you make me a matching sig and avatar? You decide on the style, I mean I chose you because of the colourful and retro style designs you make so something like that. If you could just include the text 'DrFrooom' somewhere and make it so the 'Frooom' bit is kind of like arched. Your probaly a bit confused (I don't blame you!) but just come up with something and post it here and I'll tell you if its what I wanted.


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