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Really annoyed at multiplayer.


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Multiplayer has to be glitched. I use the cover system frequently with a good weapon and somehow get shot while behind cover. Also I get killed with one shot, while other people don't? I was shooting at someone for ages, when I behind cover to reload, and I get killed by one shot, BEHIND cover. Its so stupid and dumb. Also I use the map alot (obviously) and theres no one else near me when i get shot while behind cover!

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It is good idea to consider connection type, DSL, Cable, Sattelite.. Sattelite prone atleast to weather interferences, Cable is prone to bogging when neighboring traffic increases, DSL is a dedicated circuit that isnt likely to bottleneck and unless the storm hits the phone lines themselves, isnt susceptible to weather intereference, ofcourse you can get higher speeds w/ the other types of internet connections.

I've not played MP much so I dont know how it acts w/ xxxxx # of players.. As for the one shot kill it certainly sounds like a sniper, thats the only thing I know of in-game that kills w/ one "shot" other than an RPG, which yea hidin behind the car's gas tank or behind the newspaper dispenser wont protect from that =oP

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