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Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams Win Wimbledon

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Well, all that's here in this section really is about Footy so for a change, I decided to make a topic about who won Wimbledon in tennis.

Nadal beat Federer in 5 sets after Nadal was up 2 sets going into the 3rd. Federer came back and won the 3rd and 4th sets before Nadal won the 5th. Federer is a pretty dominant player but I believe Nadal deserved the win.

And on the women's side, A classic sibling showdown. Venus Williams is really something. If you can win tournaments like a major one like Wimbledon at 28 while players like Justine Henin are retiring at 26, you really have a lot of endurance. Didn't like the humor Venus was making at the little interview after the game directed to Serena, though. She didn't seem to be liking it.

Eh, anyone here remotely care for tennis? Not that I'm really into it, just curious.

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I watched the match from about the fourth set. It was ultimatly the best tennis match I have ever seen in my life. It broke the current record for the longest

mens Wimbledon tennis match ever played. Very good game when Federer came back, but Nadal wins at the end. 7 hours of tennis. Damn thats a lot. Yeah, Nadal sure deserved it.

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Yeah the men's final Nadal vs. Federer has to go down as one of the greatest tennis matches in history, the fact is was the wimbledon final just makes it even more awesome.

Also, awesome for the British this year with Laura Robson winning the Junior Girls singles title at just 14 years old. What an awesome achievement so early on in her career. Hope she carries on playing so well, would be great to see her win a women's title eventually.

And yes, I am a huge tennis fan :)

The only reason I didn't post this here was because I don't really know anyone else who is, in real life or online. And GTA fans aren't really the sort I'd associate with being tennis fans :P

BTW the link on Laura, yes it's my site, and no I don't plan on running it forever, celebrity/sportspeople fansites are for girls to run. It's just another side project for me to earn a little extra cash. I'll end up selling it eventually, unless it turns out to be profitable :)

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