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Sentinal STD

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Welcome to the forums Little Jacob, you ask if this is rare. Well in fact this car isn't rare I steal this vehicle all the time, but I have noticed some of them are more tuned than the other sentinels. So this could mean that theres 2 make of cars in the game the normal sentinel and the sentinel STD.

But if other people have their opinions then lets hear it incase im wrong lol :D

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In my case I would say this is a rare model to be found. I've seen it only twice and driven it once. Good car.

V- yeah I have one of these on hold right now next to my apt. in East Middle Park. Nice greenish look. Stole it from Aldreney.

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for me its not that rare in my game i see them alot with the full body kit race car type of stuff but i dont know why i dont like them that much i like super gt's and turismo's better and its just a sentinel just like the other ones

oh haha i thought that you got a sexualy transmitted disease by doing it in a sentinel with a hooker haha that was wat i thougt when i first saw this

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