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The Mission


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This is my last story if you don't like it cause I don't like it.It's long and I bet you wont like it but I couldn't resist to make another story and sorry I couldn't bold the names and put it in pharagraphes.I knoe you won't like it ... :(


It was a day of Wednesday in August 1994.CJ was in the living room with Sweet, Cesar and Kendl.They were talking about the future of the hood and the bussinesses from all over the country.Suddenly an OG enteres the house and went quick to CJ.

*OG: CJ, there's a guy outside and wants to talk with you.

*CJ: Who the hell could it be?

*Sweet: Let's see.

They exited the house and they saw a man standing in the middle of the street.The man waved at CJ and CJ went to talk with the man.The man said he was a gouvernment official and his boss needed CJ's help.CJ though that Toreno is involved.The man got in his car and CJ and the rest in theirs and they followed him under a bridge.There

he went to a garbage bin and took a key.He opened a door and entered a big place.The man took CJ to his boss and the boss was no one than Toreno.

*CJ: Toreno? Shit I was sure you're involved in this!

*Toreno: And I was sure that you were sure that I'm involved in this.

*Cesar: CJ whos this gringo?

*CJ: Long story Ces.

*Kendl: So what you need?

*Toreno: Oh just an easy mission.So easy that even my 84 years grandma could do it.God rest her soul.

*Sweet: So what we gonna do?

*Toreno: Oh well get in a army base somewhere at 1357 kms from here, get through the tough security, steal a milliard dollar chip and all the scientific projects, blow up the base and get back here.

*CJ: What the fuck?

*Cesar: You loco ese!

*Sweet: Man fuck you what you want us deads? And why should we do it?

*Toreno: If I wanted you guys dead you weren't alive anymore.Oh and you'll do it cause I want, and I can give you a lot of cash plus high class weapons.

*Sweet: We gonna die!

*Toreno: Of course you can bring reinforcements if you want.

*Cesar: Now that's better! I think ...

*CJ: Aright Kendl look.You can't come.I can't risk to loose you.

*Kendl: Carl! I'm not a child anymore ya know?! I can handle a gun.

*Cesar: Chica stay here.I don't want you to get hurt.

*Kendl: Oh okay! *hugs Cesar, Carl and Sweet*

*Sweet: So who we gonna take man?

*Toreno: What? I dunno, you have your friends I have mine now get outta here.

*Cesar: I'm wondering how a guy like you have friends ...

*Toreno: Hey I heard that!

*Cesar: So where we gotta go ese?

*Toreno: Oh right, umm wait a sec.Oh yeah, umm I lost it again.Umm ... c'mon, c'mon! I remember!! Area 23 ... or it was 15, or 82, or 99 ... hmm ...

*CJ: Fuck you man tell us!

*Toreno: Oh yeah its 69.1! It's in Russia.Sankt Petersburg exactly.

*Sweet: Russia? Now we sure gonna die!

*Toreno: Okay now go!

So they went in their cars back to Grove street to decide who to take with them.

*CJ: Hmm ... I say we take Woozie!

*Cesar: Ese! He's blind!

*CJ: He's blessed with good fortune!

*Cesar: Right!

*CJ: We take Paul and Maccer too.

*Sweet: The brits? You crazy bro? They will get killed in no time!

*CJ: Why you sayin' that bro?

*Sweet: 'cause they are dumb!

*CJ: It doesn't matter!

*Kendl: Okay three on the list!

*CJ: We gonna take Madd Dogg too, Rosie, Zero, Jethro, Dwaine, Truth and Jeffrey.

*Kendl: Truth? Man he's a hippie ...

*Cesar: And one who uses drugs ...

*Sweet: And I don't think that fool will grab a gun in his life.

*CJ: Oh he will ... he had a rocket launcher in his "Mothership" so I think it isn't impossible for him to blast some fools there.

*Sweet: Alright now let's call them.

They called everyone on the list and told them to meet with them tomorrow at 8:00 am at the LS airport.CJ told Woozie to come with a jet.After they called everyone they went to sleep.The next day they said good-bye to Kendl and went to Emmet for some guns.They took some 9mm sds, Mp5s, M4s, a rocket launcher, satchel charges and knifes.They then went to the LS airport and arrived there exactly at 8:00 am.They saw Paul, Maccer, Rosie and Truth standing infront of the airport, and Zero, Jetro and Dwaine coming with a taxi.OG Loc came with his bike and Madd Dogg with his limo.

*Maccer: Hey mate what you bring us for?

*CJ: I'll tell you in the plane!

*OGLoc: Plane?

*MaddDogg: CJ what's happening?

*Sweet: Long story dog.Now let's go!

They went on the lading field where they saw Woozie with his jet.The pilot said he had some bussiness to do and couldn't come with them to fly the jet.Maccer wanted to fly the jet but CJ decIded that Jethro should be the pilot and Dwaine the co-pilot.They took off and in the back CJ was discussing with the others.

*CJ: Okay look! This is what we have to do: infiltrate an army base, steal some projects and a god dammed chip, blow the base up and get the hell outta there.

*Paul: Mate you kiddin' !

*CJ: No I'm not!

*Maccer: I knew I should have stay in bed and watch how my neighbours kill each other.Why the hell I wanted to come in America?

*Rosie: So we gotta get in a base with almost three or four hundred soldiers, steal a no-good chip and some damn projects from a room that sure has cameras and we even dunno where it is! I really dunno why you took me in this!

*CJ: Well Rosie ... about the cameras.They are handled.That's why we took Zero.

*Zero: Yep! That's why you took me ... really?

*OGLoc: So I gonna put my gangsta rapper body in danger only for a no-good CIA agent?

*MaddDogg: Gangsta rapper? You only one big shit! I could be a huge rapper if you didn't stole my rhymes!

*OGLoc: Shut up or I'll blast your brains!

*MaddDogg: Well let's see you!

*Sweet: Stop it now or I'll knock you head in head!

*Cesar: Look we have with us a whole set of guns perfect to destroy an army base!

*CJ: And here are the guns.

*Truth: Whoa man! So many guns! You think I gonna take one?

*Sweet: Take one or we'll drop you from the plane.

*Maccer: I take the rocket launcher guys!

*Paul: You better take the pistol mate.

*Maccer: What?

*Paul: Don't comment! You don't even know to fire a rocket launcher!

*Maccer: Look who's talking.

*Cesar: Eses! Everybody will take the basic load: knife, sd, mp5 and m4.

*OGLoc: Just watch me how I blast on them fools! I'll enjoy it!

*MaddDogg: And I'll enjoy you beeing shot in the head.

*CJ: Stop fighting! You'll continue fighting after the mission.

*Woozie: And when we gonna reach there?

*CJ: No idea Wooz ... yo Jethro! How long we still have?

*Jethro: No idea man!

*CJ: Check the GPS man!

*Jethro: Dwaine check the GPS.

*Dwaine: Okay so we are somewhere in ... Romania.

*Woozie: Romania?

*Dwaine: Yeah!

*Zero: That means we don't have more to go.

After an hour of flight,they reached Sankt Petersburg and landed behind a cliff.Jethro and Dwaine waited at the jet while CJ and the rest started the plan.They reached the fence but it was electrified and Maccer got shocked.Zero hacked the sistem and stopped the power.They then entered and the base was alerted but not for long cause the power was on again and nobody suspected anything.They split in two teams and headed in different directions.CJ went with Sweet, Cesar and Woozie to the nuclear room to plant the bombs for some nice fireworks and the rest went to the control panel to unlock the gate to the underground lab.When CJ and his team reached the nuclear room, two guards were patroling in the room.They took their sds and sneaked behind them and blasted them.Woozie was "watching" the door so no guard guards will come but one was coming from upstairs so Woozie took his sd and sot him down.Cesar and Sweet planted the bombs and the team got outta there.Paul's team reached the control panel and Zero started hacking.They heared footsteps and a guard appeared.Paul quickly knocked him in the head and then shot him and hid his body.Another guard was coming from the opposite side and saw the team.OG Loc and Madd Dogg quickly took their sd's and shot the guard and id his body.Zero opened the gate and told Rosie to shoot the panel with is sd.Rosie, cowardly, aimed at the panel and shot it.The panel blew and the base had no-more power.They went to meet with the others .When they met they were surrounded by soldiers and the towers had their spotlight's on them.

*Rosie: Oh great! Now what?

*Maccer: I say we kill 'em!

*Sweet: What do you say Carl?

*CJ: Fuck 'em!

CJ threw a grenade from his M4 into the soldiers and then they opened fire at the soldiers and the base was now at maximum alert.Hunters took off and were approaching the team.Using the rocket launcher, Cesar destroyed the hunters.A soldier was about to kill CJ but Truth killed the soldier first.After a tough fight, there was no-more soldier and they went underground.There they killed more soldiers and Zero hacked the sistem so the cameras will be shot down.They reached the labs and searched the rooms for the chip, also taking every scientific project they saw.When they reached a room with metal door with a hand scanner, Zero tried to took the imprint of the last hand but no success.Then Sweet was mad and shot the scanner and the door automaticy opened.In the room there were 4 soldier all with M4's and two scietists.They killed the guards and asked where the chip is.The scientists told them that the chip is in the floor in a hidden door.Truth opened the door, took the chip and handed it to CJ.They then wasted the scientists and got back to the plane.They took off and after 2 kms distance they pressed the button and blew the base up.They then went back to San Andreas.In the plane, they were tired and decided to take a snack and something to drink.Zero installed the auto pilot at the plane and they sat on their seats, enjoying the soda, snacks and the show at the LCD TV.

*Dwaine: So how did it go man?

*CJ: Nice!

*Sweet: Very nice!

*CJ: And if Toreno wants us to do anything else for him I'll blast him.

*Cesar: Yeah I'll help you too ese!

*Rosie: Man I can't belive I'm still alive! I mean, I'm alive right? Tweak me so I'll be sure!

Maccer tweaks Rosie.

*Rosie: Ouch that hurt!

*Maccer: What? I though you wanted to be tweaked.

*Rosie: Nevermind.

*Truth: Damn and I touched a gun.

*Jethro: I think it was better than being killed.

*Woozie: Ah and now we finaly can take a break.

*CJ: Oh and Woozie how did ya kill that guy in one shot?

*Woozie: Good fortune, Carl.Good fortune.

*Cesar: Now to go back to LS ese! I think I'm going to sleep two weeks.

*Maccer: Well I think I'm going to sleep two weeks and a second!

*Paul: Shut up! *punches Maccer*

*Maccer: What was that for mate?

*Paul: So you'll shut up!

*Sweet: So Jeffrey, looks like you're a real gangsta now!

*OGLoc: Hell yeah man! I think it's better to be gangsta than rapper!

*Sweet: Really?

*OGLoc: No! Now I really am a gangsta rapper.

*MaddDogg: Not one like me!

*OGLoc: Yeah that right I'm not a dumb rapper that pees in his bed at night.

*MaddDogg: You know I still have some bullets in my gun.

*OGLoc: Bullets that you'll sue ro shoot yourself.

*Sweet: That's it! *knocks OG Loc and Madd Dogg head in head*

*MaddDogg: Dude what the fuck?

*Sweet: I promised you I'll knock you!

*Jethro: Ha, ha, ha!

*OGLoc: Very funny!

*Zero: Well it really is.

*OGLoc: Shut up nerd boy!

When they reached the airport the pilot was waiting there for the jet and he went with Woozie,Zero and Truth back to San Fierro.Rosie, Paul, Maccer went to Madd Dogg's mansion with him, OG Loc went back at his house on Grove street, Jethro and Dwaine were so hungry they stopped at a Cluckin' Bell restaurant, and CJ, Sweet and Cesar went to Toreno's hiding place.

*CJ: Toreno! Okay we have your chip.

*Toreno: Ah ... very nice.*takes chip* Okay now you can go!

*Cesar: Hey wait ese! Don't forget!

*Toreno: Oh yeah! Here! *he hands a briefcase with five milliard dollars*

*CJ: Holy shit!

*Sweet: Oh shit!

*Toreno: And don't forget the guns! You get some W2000 rifles, some FAMAS assault rifles, some Steyr Augs, M60s and some bullet proof cars with 50. cal machine guns packed!

*Cesar: Alright!

*CJ: Well it diserved!

*Toreno: Okay good-bye now.

They returned to Grove and hid the vehicles in the garages only using them in dangerous situations.They put the weapons in the Johnson's house wardrobe in a secret door.Then they sent money to the rest and with the remaining cash, they bough Grove street families own Rhino and Hydra.


I know you didn't like it and you will critique me ... especially you know who!

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The spelling mistakes are pretty less, so I ignore those, leave it.

I would say this was a good one, but there are some conceptual mistakes, if you see the storyline of the game.

Like :

*OGLoc: So I gonna put my gangsta rapper body in danger only for a no-good CIA agent?

*MaddDogg: Gangsta rapper? *laughs* You don't look like one!

Here comes a feeling that these two guys don't know each other, but in the storyline, Madd Dogg comes to know that his own missing rhymes are with OG Loc, etc etc.

Plus, You expect Sweet to bang Madd Dogg's head?

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Dude, they don't like each other since OG Loc put Carl to steal his rhymes and kill his manager.Since then they are rivals.But not in this story.And yeah Sweet knocked Madd Dogg what's soweird at it?Althrough those two were annoying and Sweet had to shut them up.

Okay I changed what Dogg said there.

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After 'A home in the hills', you have to get Madd Doggs' career back on track, meaning you have to kill the one who stole his ryhmes. That's OG loc, well, you stole them for him.

Sorry, but; OG Loc wasn't dead in the storyline. Plus, the one you kill in "A home in the hills" is some Vagos bitch.....not Loc.

Thank you.

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I have an idea for your next story:

Cj was eating fuud at grove street when suddenly a OG comes in

*OG: CJ come cuick someone is shitting on our backyard. CJ got a rocket launcher from his oversised pocket and shot the MAN but he missed because a OMGLOLBIRD shitted on CJ nose and kept shitting so CJ couldnt get a shot. ZERO who suddenly appeared on the scene hacked the sistem and the BIRDS immediatly magically stopped shitting(LOL). THEn WOOZIE killed the MAN with his OMG LOL RHINO WTF and they got some money and guns from POSTMAN PAT AND HIS KAT and lived happilly ever after. And teh other day a OMG LOL OG comes in when CJ is sleeping OMG LOL POSTMAN PAT IS KILLING OUR HOMIES GETT THATT RHINO AND HYDRA AND M4 AND COMBAT SHOTGUN....

The sequel to that wolud be named: OMG THATS THE CHOST OF POSTMAN PATS KAT

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People I need more ideas for stories! Oh and homer ... I need normal stories.I was thinking of another mission for Toreno but this time CJ will go alone.He will have 5 targets: a mini-bomb from a army base in Canada, 50 million dollars from a safe in Brazil, a huge diamond from Egypt, 100g of gold from a fortress bank in China and every shiny thing from the Romanian Ambassador.What do you say.

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Hey I got an idea! I should write stories about the missions.A kind of walkthrough.I'll use the dialogues (if I can remember them -.-') and everything they do.


There's no use trying to accurately recreate something fro memory, mate. It'll just end up suckling. Hard.

And.. i hate to burst your buble, but those stories are by no means normal. If you want to write decent fanfics, make them feasible, and not so damn far fetched.

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