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Vercetti Thug

Vice City: Hitman Asset

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So your done with Vice City and want something else to do? I've made up a Hitman Asset that you can PRETEND to follow. This is NOT a mod, I suppose it's somewhere around fanfiction, but really, the point is for you to follow the list and my instructions.

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following items for the level 1 hitlist.

-Brass Knuckles


-Regular Shotgun

-Bazooka. Only allowed to use 1 rocket.


-Grenades (Tear Gas if on console)

Mission: Level 1 Hitlist.

Payphone in Little Havana.

"Mr. Teal? My employers would like to thank you once again for a job well done."

"Look, I really think I didn't get payed enough for the last job."

"Oh? Why do you say that?"

"Oh maybe because...there was a freaking shootout on top of my Ice Cream Factory and i'm the main suspect!"

"Don't worry Mr. Teal, we won't allow you to go to jail. Your our most faithful contact in Vice City."

"I don't care! I just better start getting payed before i'm sued."

"I see where your coming from Mr. Teal, but have you noticed anything strange about this call?"

"That your an ass?"

"No, that this is not a recording."

"Does it matter?"

"Turn around and decide for yourself."

Tommy turns around to see a man in a black suit on an adjacent payphone. His face is covered. He speaks.

"Mr.Vercetti, I am Mr. Black, and if you accept my offer, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams."

"Show me your face then."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that Mr. Teal. I just thought I would come in person, to make you feel more appreciated."

"Whatever, i'll do the jobs, but I got two conditions. One, I want real pay, and Two, I better not be working for the mob again, that didn't turn out so well."

"We know Mr. Vercetti. Both conditions are met, as my partners and I are private hitmen. That is, they are, but I am the recruit seeker and job finder. I've compiled a list of people that several of my employers would like to see dead."

Level 1 Hitlist:

Joey Carter: Wanted for sleeping with an employer's wife. Description: Black man, usually wears blue overrals and lives in Vice Port.

Day Job: Works in the Port. Description: Blue overrals. Drives a Packer or Bobcat.

Night Job: None. Can sometimes be found in the Malibu Club. Might be in a different outfit.

Way to Kill: At day, take him out of his vehicle and beat him to death. At night, shoot him down.

Linda Richards: The cheating wife. Description: Woman, usually wears a red, expensive coat and has a black hat. Black lacy costume at night.

Day Job: None. Shops in the area near or inside the Vice Point mall.

Night Job: Hooker. Found on Ocean Beach.

Way to Kill: At day, kill her by doing a drive-by. At night, get her to come into your car and take her to the beach. You may do whatever you want before you take her out of the car and kill her.

Reggie Kylier: Wanted for saving the life of a man an employer tried to murder. Description: Man. Wears a light blue paramedic's outfit at day. At night, his whereabouts and clothes are unknown.

Day Job: Paramedic. Light blue paramedic clothes.

Night Job: N/A

Way to Kill: Murder a man near the Downtown hospital. Reggie will be the paramedic that comes out the back of the ambulance. Shoot him and his partner down.

Rick Tylers: Wanted for "busting" an employer's husband. Description: Man. Works at S.W.A.T.

Day Job: N/A

Night Job: S.W.A.T team member. Description: S.W.A.T uniform.

Way to Kill: Work up 4 stars in the Downtown area. When the first S.W.A.T van comes, let all the S.W.A.T team inside get out. Kill the driver, then get to the nearest Pay N' Spray.

???????????: The employer was ridiculously unclear about this target. Could be male or female.

Day Job: Advertises on a seaplane.

Night Job: None. The employer states that the target sometimes goes to the Club Malibu, though we do not know why the employer did not specifiy the target's gender or ethnicity. Dresses in a black or green suit costume. Could be security.

Way to Kill: At day, get a Hunter and find a seaplane flying over Vice City. Shoot down the seaplane. At night, kill all green and black clothed people in the Malibu Club.

Maria Rogers: Wanted for robbing the employer's convenience store and forcing him to live on the streets. Not to worry, the employer can still afford us. Woman. Found in either Little Havana, Little Haiti, or Downtown. Description: Raggedy clothing, green top, old jeans. Bit of a humpback

Day Job: None. Wanders around, homeless.

Night Job: None. Wanders around, homeless.

Way to Kill: At day & night, perform a drive-by

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:


-Get Busted

-Get Wasted

-Fail to get all targets within 24 hours game time.

-Fail to get at least 3 targets in 12 hours game time.

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Hey I think I got a new idea ... check this out:

Dean Garcia: Chief of police, leads the attack against the gangs in Vice City.

Day Job: Working at the desk

Night job: Same

Way to kill: You will need a police disguise, sneak to his office and take him out.Grab his keys from his car.Go to his car which is infront of the tool store, and go to the nearest Pay 'n Spray.

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Samil, just wait for future installments. Like now. NOTE: IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE ME TO MAKE AN ULTIMATE VICE CITY VERSION (If you don't know what im talking about, dont ask) THEN MENTION IT AND I WILL!

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following items for the level 2 hitlist. Obtain any 4 seater car that you can rely on to get you through 3 consecutive hits. IF YOU HAVE 100% COMPLETION, YOU ARE ALLOWED ONE BODYGUARD.


-Brass Knuckles



-Sniper Rifle with red dot sight (the second one)

-Minigun with use limited to 50 bullets or Bazooka with use limited to 2 rockets


-Molotov Cocktails

Special Condition(s): For the first 3 hits, you may not leave your 4 seater vehicle. May not be a Police Car. MAY NOT BE RESPRAYED.

Mission: Level 2 Hitlist

Payphone in Little Haiti.

"Good news Mr. Teal. Actually, do you mind if I call you Tommy? I feel we've gotten closer as business partners through all of this..."

"Feel whatever you want, prick. Just pay me."

"Of course. The good news is that one of my partners would like to meet you in person, he's got his own private hitlist for you. But that's a little out of your reach now. We'll have you doing the regular lists."

"Look, im a busy man, I own a Taxi company, a printing press, a ice cream company, a boatyard, a popular night club, a strip club, and half the buildings on Vice City. I want this to be worth my while."

"Noone hunts for the game anymore I see. Very well, i'll double last time's pay."

"That was easy, what are you trying to pull?"

"Nothing, Tommy."

"That's Mr. Teal to you."

"As you say, whatever. Turn around and go into the garage. Inside, a man will give you a document of people who must die. My partners are becoming very interested in you, do not let them down. By the way, you have 24 hours to do these, and those started after I said 'down'."

Level 2 Hitlist:

Garen Mikaelian: Rival to the Mars Cafe. Owner of the Front Page Bar. Wanted for being the rival to the Mars Cafe branch. Man. Has greying hair. Usually seen in a black suit.

Day Job: Owner of the Front Page Bar. After the sun has risen, he can sometimes be found in Washington Beach. Description: Greying hair, black suit.

Night Job: None. Goes to the beach to unwind at sunset. Description: Black glasses, blue trunks, OR blonde hair, yellow trunks, and a necklace.

Way to Kill: Stay inside your 4 seater car at all times. Do not leave the car. Drive-by the man with the matching descriptions. If you have not yet done the Brawl At the Bar mission, you can complete this hit there.

John Richardson: Young and rising businessman. Owns a house on Starfish Island. Man. Description: Wears an expensive green suit.

Day Job: None. Wanders around Starfish Island. The only work he actually does is calling his people to do the work for him.

Night Job: None. Goes to the Malibu Club. "He gets rich by making people work for him. Bastard." Quote the Employer who made the hit. Turns out this employer is the Vice President.

Way to Kill: At day, perform the drive-by once you see him. At night, since you cannot leave your car, wait till he appears. If you do not see a green clothed man at night, then shoot a purple clothed one.

Pepe Garcia: Cuban. Works for the Cuban Gang. Man. The employer, who claims that he is not Haitian, wants "that brother killing ass wiping douchebag" dead. Wears a hat and a tan shade of clothing.

Day Job: Cuban. Owns a Cuban Hermes. At day he drives it around, wasting gas like a "Cuban flaming f***". Quotes provided by the not Haitian employer.

Night Job: Works inside Cafe Robina as a clerk. Clerk clothes.

Way to Kill: By day, since you cannot get out of your car, you must find a Cuban Hermes and ram/shoot it down, all from your car. Use whatever methods to take it out. At night, since you cannot go inside Cafe Robina from your car, you must wait until daybreak to shoot a Cuban matching his description down.

Note: You can get out of your car now.

Officer Carlson: First name was not specified by employer. Works inside the Washington Beach Police Station. Description: Police outfit.

Day Job: Cop. Since all of them look alike, he's impossible to find. Don't these guys have any individuality?

Night Job: Cop. Works in the lower office. Cop uniform.

Way to Kill: At day, you must kill 50 cops until you get Carlson. You may not replace weapons or get more ammunition for them, unless you are totally out of ammo. At night, grab a Police Uniform and a NightStick. Work up a wanted level and go to the lower office of the police station. Using only your NightStick to stay alive, beat 3 officers to death. The third will act as Carlson. Get out of Washington Beach and find another uniform. Lose the wanted level any way you can.

Grab a nightstick and a police uniform from the Washington Police Station.

Street Vendor: An insane employer gave us this job. Doesn't matter, we checked the cash, he's good. Woman. Works as a street vendor on Ocean Beach. Apparently, there was an incident with sushi and bumping, but its none of our business. Description: Black hair, and carries a food tray strapped to her shoulders.

Day Job: Street Vendor. Walks around Ocean Beach.

Night Job: Street Vendor. Walks around Ocean Beach.

Way to Kill: At day and night, since we have nothing to go on, kill 5 of them. One's got to have the sushi tray described by our employer. Of course, the tray's all look the same, so just kill any 5.

Ricky Anderson: Wanted for publicly demonstrating against the tobacco industry the employer just so happens to co-own. Man. Lives in the Downtown area.

Day Job: Pizza Clerk. Found in the Downtown Pizzeria.

Night Job: None. Wanders Downtown wearing raggedy old clothes and a black shirt. Somewhat of a homeless man appearance.

Way to Kill: At day, get either a NightStick, A Baseball Bat, or a Hammer, and go to the Downtown Pizzeria. Club everyone inside the pizzeria ONCE with the weapon, then shoot down the clerk. At night, find a homeless man (black shirt, greying hair) and kill him.

BONUS HIT: Every mission, there is a BONUS HIT, if you do this hit, you can do the next BONUS HIT, and at the end, more story stuff for you. This is just me trying to spark some interest.

Mathias Fernandez: Drug dealer. Known to hold information about a higher-up that our employers would like to get their hands on. My partners suspect that the police gave us this hit. This one is tricky. You must not kill this person until he has been interrogated. Problem is, the police are also searching for him. If we get the information out of him before the police do, then we'll hold that knowledge for ransom, and kill Fernandez.

Day Job: Street Drug Dealer. Downtown. Description: Black man, red shirt, white cap, suspected to be accomplice of a man who used to sell "Love Juice"

Night Job: Drugee. Downtown. Likes to hang around the Hyman Memorial Stadium and smoke a variety of things.

Way to ...Kill?:Be ready to use a cheat at either day or night. If you have a PC, use the HOPINGIRL cheat. If you don't, you must find the cheat yourself. At day, find Mathias near Ammu Nation in downtown. At night, find him near Hyman Memorial Stadium. If you cannot locate him in an hour, grab any black man. Now, work up five stars of wanted level, (you can have a second bodyguard for this if you like) then get a car (Not a sports car) and use the HOPINGIRL cheat to get Mathias inside your car. Drive around for two hours gametime. Note that this does count into your 24 hour time limit to complete the level 2 hitlist, and if you do not complete this mission within those limits, you must start the list over. Take Mathias to the junkyard after two hours, and take him into the same room that Lance Vance was tortured in(through using the car). Wait 30 minutes game time, and Mathias will talk. Shoot him dead. Get back into your car, and find the nearest Pay N'Spray.

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:


-Get Busted

-Get Wasted

-Fail to get all targets within 24 hours game time.

-Fail to get at least 3 targets in 12 hours game time.

Edited by Vercetti Thug

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Nice. One thing though.

When Tommy accepts the jobs from the phones, he doesn't say anything.... because his contractors still think he is Leo Teal, and would probably kill Tommy if they knew he was responsible for his death.

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How exactly can I have people make this into a mod for me? I wasn't even aware mods like this existed. Can someone get back to me on that? I would appreciate it a lot. Secondly, I have updated the Level 2 Hitlist to put up more information on Mathias, I left last night when I typed the mission and didn't get a chance to complete the BONUS HIT, but now I did. Thirdly, Thank you. Fourthly, im sure that Mr. Black (who really does exist in the GTA World) easily found out about Tommy and Leo, if he does indeed give assassination contracts.

Finally, the level 3 list is coming soon.

Edited by Vercetti Thug

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Next List. Note that some of these payphones don't exist, so just go to the place the payphone is stated to be. You do not have to find the phone. ALL UNITS OF TIME MENTIONED ARE GAME TIME. Here's a hint if your playing on PC. Use the windows key to exit GTA Vice City to look back at this list.

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following items for the level 3 hitlist. Obtain a Stretch Limo. You are allowed NO bodyguards.


-Brass Knuckles

-Molotov Cocktails

-Assault Rifle

-Red dot Sniper (the second one)




-Stubby Shotgun OR S.P.A.S


Special Conditions: Must have at least two stars at all times starting after the first hit. NO HAVING YOUR VEHICLE RESPRAYED. Get a Stretch or the Love Fist Limo or Romero's Hearse for the first hit.

Level 3 Hitlist.

The Mission:

Payphone on Prawn Island.

"Mr. Vercetti, you will be forever known as Mr. Teal to my associates."

"Oh, you mean like that guy I killed? Why?"

"We need a new Mr. Teal."

"I won't even ask."

"Now then, my associate, who asks you to call him Mr. White from here on out, will meet you after you complete this next list."

"In 24 hours, right?"

"12 hours."

"Why the hell...?"


"The bastard hung up on me. Wait where's the list?"

Tommy turns around to see a P.I.G security guard holding a notepad...

Ronny Perez: Recently immersed in the ocean with cement shoes, he was saved. He owns the Hot Dog Shaft business. Owed money to the mafia. Man. Wears a purple suit and has a home on Starfish Island. The Mafia wants him to suffer.

Day Job: Manager. He stays in Starfish Island and makes calls to his employees and to his other branches around the country.

Night Job: None. Likes to go to the Malibu Club.

Way to Kill: At day, search around Starfish Island from your Stretch/LoveFist/Romero's Hearse. You will search for one hour until you find the correct man. If you cannot find a purple suit man, grab a green suited one. Use the HOPINGIRL cheat for PC (find its relative cheat if you are on a console), and get him to come inside your vehicle. Drive him to the Lighthouse and use whatever methods you want to drown him. You must not shoot or harm him physically. At night, pick him up outside the Club Malibu after 30 minutes of searching. Pick him up (either a purple suit or a green suit) and take him to the Lighthouse. Drown him whatever way you can. Do not harm him.

Note: You must have two stars from here on out. You can have more, but never go under two. The police are after you after a witness saw you drown Perez.

Rita Hall: Wanted for saving a man with cement shoes. Woman. Blonde. Has a red lifeguard swimsuit.

Day Job: Lifeguard. Hangs around the Ocean Beach area, but is only found on the beach.

Night Job: None. Likes to go out on a boat or Dinghie.

Way to Kill: At day, find her on the beach. At night, look for either a Dinghy, Speeder, or Tropic with a woman on it. Then look for another one with a woman on it. Kill the second one, not the first.

Nelly Evan: Wanted for murdering an employer's son. Man. Was arrested by the VCPD, but only has three years in jail as absolutely solid evidence was not recovered. Description: Black hair, red undershirt, black leather jacket. He is the usual character that the police chase around and you get 50$ for beating up.

Day Job: None. Wastes around in his cell.

Night Job: None. Is let outside for fresh air for 30 minutes, on account that he may not be guilty and pity was taken on him for being so young.

Way to Kill: At day, he is inside his Washington Beach cell. Since there is actually noone there in those cells, you must survive for 30 minutes outside of the Station (given that you have at least two stars on you), and you'll see him attempt to escape in the confusion. Kill him (see his description above). At night, wait until a new hour begins on the game clock, then, from 00-30 on the clock, kill a man matching his description. If you do not see a man with his description within an hour game time, kill any man that is not a policeman.

Elizabeth Edwards: Wanted for not promoting our employer after three years of work. The employer was clearly a bit insane to give us this job for that reason. We do not know her position in the company or our employers position, but we do know her background. Woman.

Day Job: Businesswoman. Works in the office building where the G-Spotlight mission begins. Description: Purple clothed woman with glasses.

Night Job: Hooker. What the hell? Businesswoman by day, hooker at night? Well, none of our business. Wanders around Downtown.

Way to Kill: At day, look inside the office for 30 minutes game time. If you find her, kill her, if not, go outside the building and continue looking until you locate her. At night, go to any part of Downtown and find 5 scantily-clad woman. When you find the fifth, it turns out to be Elizabeth. Kill her.

James Hendorsen: Homeless man who raped our employer's son or daughter. He told his name to the child. Wanders around downtown. Description: Man with raggedy clothing and a bit of a humpback walk. Wears a purple shirt with patches.

Day Job: Beggar/Rapist. Wanders Downtown, looking for spare change or...kids.

Night Job: Beggar/Rapist. Wanders Downtown, looking for spare change or...kids.

Way to Kill: At day or night, find 10 men matching his description. The tenth will be the one you kill. If you do not find 10 within 3 hours game time, shoot any man.

Doctor Myers: Wanted for saving the life of our employers...wife. None of our business. Located in Little Havana's hospital, wears paramedic's clothes.

Day Job: Doctor. Goes with the paramedics as a new law, stating that there have been so many...umm...spontaneous deaths these past few weeks, so a doctor should be on call if there is a chance of saving the patient.

Night Job: None. Goes to his hotel at Ocean Beach, which just so happens to be the one that is next to yours, Mr. Teal.

Way to Kill: At day, kill someone in front of the Little Havana hospital, and wait for an ambulance to arrive. Kill both of the people inside. Neither are Doctor Myers. Wait for another ambulance, and kill both inside them. One is Doctor Myers. At night, go to Ocean Beach and to the hotel in front of your own. Wait 30 minutes for a man to pass in front of it, and kill him.

BONUS HIT: Only available if you did the last level's BONUS HIT. Counts into your 12 hour time limit.

Mitchel Patterson: This guy is the man that Mathias Fernandez knew about. Turns out this guy's not a higher up at all, he just knows about a higher up in his syndicate. This is a hit issued by US, Mr. Teal. Follow our instructions to the letter.

Day Job: Drug Dealer. Goes Downtown to sell drugs.

Night Job: Drug Dealer. Goes to the Club Malibu to sell drugs.

Way to...Kill?: Get a 4-seater car, and go to either Downtown or the Malibu Club, depending on the time of day. At Downtown, count 30 men. The 30th is Patterson. Outside the Malibu Club, count 30 men. The 30th is Patterson. Beat him twice with your Brass Knuckles at either place, and get him to come into your car using the HOPINGIRL cheat. Make sure he gets in the back of your 4-seater. Go to the Lighthouse, then get out of your car. Take Patterson out, hit him once, and finally he will talk. You no longer need him. Knife him, and if he doesn't die, set him on fire with the Flamethrower. This hit is not over. Get into your 4 seater and lose the cops at a Pay N' Spray. Dump the car in the nearest body of water.

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:


-Get Busted

-Get Wasted

-Fail to get all targets within 12 hours game time.

-Fail to get at least 2 targets in 6 hours game time.

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I like this idea. I'd do this if my PS3 didn't break.

Would you be able to make some missions that would fit with Liberty City Stories and or Vice City Stories?

Sorry, I dont have either. All I got is VC and I used to have a GBA GTA which had a main character that I forgot the name of.

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Hmmm...Well if you don't mind, would I be able to use your idea for Liberty City Stories and or Vice City Stories?

If you ever get them then I'll pass the responsibility back over to you if you want me to.

I've just been really bored lately since my PS3 is messed up and I'm looking for something to do...and your idea seems pretty fun.

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List 4. Note that from here on out, its not going to be as simple as finding a random NPC and killing them. Also, there might be some other types of missions added. And to Harwood Butcher, yes you can. One more thing, since you guys apparently liked this, im going to ask if you saw my The Organization Custom missions, similiar to this kind of thing.

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following items for the level 4 hitlist. You are allowed one bodyguard.


-Brass Knuckles

-Remote Mines

-Assault Rifle

-Minigun (Only 100 bullets allowed to use.)

-Red Dot Sniper



-Meat Cleaver

Note: There is a payphone near the Jewelery store that was used to initiate Waste the Wife. Go to the payphones. It may be in either Washington Beach or Vice Point, but its probably in Vice Point. ALSO! Note that when I say something like "You will find this person in an hour", it means you have to wait an hour without killing a matching NPC.

Special Conditions: By the end of this mission, you must have killed 20 pedestrians, 10 police officers, 4 FBI Agents, and 4 S.W.A.T members. None of the kills count if they die from a vehicle explosion. You have only 12 hours to complete the hitlist, including the BONUS HIT, if you chose to do it.

Level 4 Hitlist.

The Mission:

Payphone in Vice Point.

"It seems all the murders are being covered up Mr. Teal. It would be excellent if not for the fact that my associates and I are in danger because of the FBI investigations."

"Is that why my paycheck's gonna get bigger?"

"Correct. Being our contact in Vice City has its advantages and disadvantages you see. Now, turn around and meet one of my associates."

Tommy hangs up and turns. A black suited man with greying hair walks towards him with two documents in his hands.

"Greetings, Mr. Teal. I am Mr. White."

"Mr. Black and White? And i'm Teal? Ain't you guys got better code names?"

"The youth today can't appreciate that our code names don't matter, it's what we use them for."

"Right...can I have my job?"

"Not so fast. I have this paper you must sign."

"What exactly am I signing? I'm sure its not legally enforcable."

"No it's not, but its even more strongly enforced than legal. This contract holds you as the official Vice City Hitman. The Mafia will of course, come in contact with you once more, offering money, but if you stay with us, I assure you that you won't be screwed off for 15 years."

"Done. Thing's signed. Can I have the job now?"

Scott Clarkson: Stole money and pure cocaine from the mafia. Man. Huge priority. He's a worker near Fort Baxter, unfortunately one of many. He will leave Vice City in a matter of three hours. Our people will cut him off at the terminal if you don't kill him in time. Description: Brown work clothes. Hat.

Day Job: Odd Job worker. Walks around the Fort Baxter area.

Night Job: Odd Job worker. Drives a truck around the Fort Baxter area.

Way To Kill: At day, count 10 workers near the Fort Baxter area. The 10th is Clarkson. At night, count 5 trucks with men matching his description. The 5th is Clarkson. Take him out of his vehicle and use the Meat Cleaver to kill him.

Morgan Brooks: Didn't pay the Mafia back in time. Woman. Description: Red clothes, black hat. Stays at El Swanko Casa in Vice Point. Her husband pays for all expenses, except for the Mafia expense she forgot to pay.

Day Job: None. Likes to shop around Vice Point.

Night Job: None. Likes to shop in the Mall.

Way To Kill: At day, look around El Swanko Casa and then all around Vice Point for her. In an hour game time, you will finally spot the correct NPC. If you cannot find a red clothed woman, shoot either a white clothed one or a green clothed one. They can be in cars and not walking around. At night, go inside the mall and wait 30 minutes game time, then count 5 woman. The fifth is Brooks. In both day and night, take her out with a sniper shot to the head.

Ross Foster: Left the Mafia. Wanted for seeing too much. Man. Has a leisurely life from all the money he obtained.

Day Job: None. Goes to the beach in Ocean Beach. Description: Fat. Balding. Wears trunks.

Night Job: Taxi Driver. We don't know how either. Description: Taxi Driver clothes. Hat.

Way To Kill: At day, find him on the beach and pump him with 10 bullets of Minigun. At night, drag him out of the cab and beat him to death.

Maria Caldwell: Gave a client HIV. Works as a stripper in the Pole Position Club.

Day Job: Pole Dancer. Works at the Pole Position.

Night Job: Hooker. Works outside the Pole Position.

Way To Kill: At day, find her in a bikini at the Pole Position Club. Pick anyone except the fat lady. Use the Meat Cleaver to kill her and anyone who attacks you. You can use the Machete that the girl at the bar drops when you kill her if you did not bring a Meat Cleaver. At day, find any 5 hookers, then kill the 5th one.

Sergeant Rhodes: Army man. Back when he was a policeman, he tormented our employer. Now, the employer for this job has risen up in the syndicate, and wants payback. Description: Camouflage clothes and hat.

Day Job: Tank Driver. Drives Tanks.

Night Job: Guard. Guards Fort Baxter.

Way To Kill: At day, work up 6 stars and get a tank to come at you. Kill the guy driving the tank by pullinh him out and shooting him down with an Assault Rifle. You are allowed to use LEAVEMEALONE to stop the 6 star onslaught (cheat for PC.)If you die after killing Rhodes at day, you complete the mission, but you fail the BONUS HIT. At night, kill 10 army men at Fort Baxter. The 10th is Rhodes.

BONUS HIT: Only available if you did the last level's BONUS HIT. Counts into your 12 hour time limit. To start this hit, get 5 stars and go to Little Havana. Or go to Little Havana and get 5 stars.

Santiago Garcia: Patterson told us about Santiago, he is the delivery man for pure white cocaine to Vice City. We want to secure his cargo and his life. We want to make sure the FBI doesn't get their hands on him before us. Try not to kill too many people on the way to the delivery spot, or else you can bet the FBI will call the Army. Man. Description: Black. Changed his name a few years back. Description: Blue work clothes.

Day Job: Drug Runner.

Night Job. Drug Runner.

Way To Kill: At either day or night, go into Vice Port with at least 5 stars on your record. Now, find the matching man NEAR the place where the game began (the deal between Victor and Tommy) If you cannot find him due to the fact that the game is spawning police personnel instead of pedestrian NPC's, then fight off the police for 4 hours instead, while not going over your 12 hour limit.

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:


-Get Busted

-Get Wasted

-Fail to get all targets within 12 hours game time.

-Fail to get at least 2 targets in 6 hours game time.

Edited by Vercetti Thug

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List 5. I do not intend to offend any celebrity parties, living or present, with any of these lists. Any reference to celebrities or celebrity groups is purely for comedic effect, and I will remove them if it offends any parties.

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following items for the level 5 hitlist. You are allowed one bodyguard. Go to Vercetti Estate


-Brass Knuckles

-Molotov Cocktails


-Red Dot Sniper

-Assault Rifle

-Katana or Machete or Knife


-Python or Colt

Special Conditions: You must destroy 10 cars by the end of this mission. Also, you may not kill ANY innocent pedestrians unless specified to do so, and no more than 10 law enforcement personnel can die unless told to do so. Violating those terms will unable you to do the BONUS hit. Remember that the 12 hour time limit still applies.

Level 5 Hitlist

The Mission:

Vercetti Estate.

One of the Vercetti thugs comes up to Tommy.

"A guy in a black suit came by around 3. Told em you weren't here. And he smiles and says, the Mafia is coming for him, pass him the message."

"Shit...did he say anything else?"

"Yeah...he's gonna piss on your grave."

"Tell everyone to get ready then, i'll think of a plan."

"Uhh...actually, see, we were talking, you know, amongst ourselves...and uhh...thing is...we're getting the f*** out of here man!"

"Then get the hell out, but if you do, just remember i'm a 'registered' hitman."

"Look, i'm screwed either way, so i'll take my chances."


Phone Rings.

"If this is Kent Paul, get off the fu%#ing phone, i'm busy."

"Actually, i'm Mr. White. Nice to hear from you too."

"I can't do a job for you, i'm about to be screwed by the Mafia."

"Don't worry, we've taken care of it. The Forelli Family has agreed to withdraw their forces. The man that came by your mansion offers his sincerest apologies."

"Well...I guess I can take a job then."

"I had a feeling you wouldn't say thank you. It seems that you're in debt to us Mr. Teal."

"How much?"

"The Forelli Family requests your mansion as payment. We've given them a little pocket money to give you time to think."

"Ain't giving up this mansion. I went to hell and back to take it, and not even the mob is gonna take it from me."

"A foolish decision. While you may feel immortal from the Harwood Butcher incident, and not to mention destroying about 50 armed Mafia attackers single-handedly, you are not, by any means, invulnerable. You have many properties, and when you get out of Vice City, we'll provide you with a home equal to your services."

"Give me the damn list. I'll think about it."

"Good. One more thing, another partner of ours in the organization wants to meet you very much. Do this for us, and i'll set you up to meet our second-in-command."

The List:

Note: I just made all this stuff about them getting wealthy or getting jobs up. I felt like exploiting the cameo of the Village People in Vice City to a great level. Also, note that im not a fan and basically never heard them sing or didn't realize that they were singing.

The Village People: Yeah. Really. You gotta kill all of em. We don't ask questions, we just do the work. Note that they aren't the guys in the Malibu Club. Those are drunk impersonaters.

The Cowboy: Seems that Randy Johns can't get over the old days. He's still wearing that same old hat.

Day Job: None. Walks around Vice City in a cowboy hat.

Night Job: None. Same as Day Job.

Way to Kill: At either day or night, look for a man in a cowboy hat. If you cannot find one (usually on the right side of Vice City where the richer live), kill any black, brown, or green clothed man you can find.

The Indian: Felipe Rose has become wealthy. Our employer didn't like that.

Day Job: None. Walks around Starfish Island.

Night Job: None. Parties in the Club Malibu.

Way to Kill: At day, find any african american man dressed in a fine suit (usually purple), and kill him. At night, hang around the Club Malibu for an hour before you spot Felipe. He is dressed in a purple suit.

The Policeman: Victor Willis has since shed his policeman outfit for a Clerk uniform, and works at the Local Pharmacy in the left side of Vice City.

Day Job: Clerk. Rob him for 30 minutes (Remember! Game time!) before killing him. Respray a car at the Pay N' Spray next door to evade the cops.

Night Job: None. Just drives around Ocean Beach.

Way to Kill: At day, find Willis and rob him for 30 minutes before killing him. Then respray your car. At night, find a white man with a suit driving a car on Ocean Beach. Pull him out of the vehicle, get inside, then use the HOPINGIRL cheat to make him come inside, drive to the beach and keep going, dive out of the car before you drive into the water. Snipe Victor down for good measure while he is in the vehicle in the water.

The Military man: Alex Briley went and got into the military, we don't know how it happened either.

Day Job: Soldier. Patrolls outside of Fort Baxter in a group of less than six.

Night Jon: Soldier. Patrolls inside Fort Baxter in a group of more than three.

Way to Kill: At day, wait till the right moment, and use your Katana or Machete or Knife to bring him down. You may shoot only 2 of his patrol buddies before you get to him, if you shoot more, you lose the BONUS hit. At night, drive into Fort Baxter and you may drive by shoot Briley.

The Construction Worker: Traded his hard hat in for a Dock worker's hat. Find him in Vice Port. Description: Brown clothes, brown hat.

Day Job: Dock Worker. Works near the boatyards.

Night Job: None. Goes to the boatyard where Colonel Cortez's yacht was. Rents a Tropic and goes out to sea.

Way to Kill: At day, find him in the docks and kill 20 dock workers. The 20th will be him. You may ONLY kill the brown clothed people. At night, take a boat and patroll Vice City, looking for a Tropic and a man inside it, find three of them, but do not kill the first two you find. The 3rd will be the Construction Worker. Kill him and sink his boat. If you cannot find a Tropic, look for any boat that is not a Dinghy, Speeder, or Predator, and find 5 boats. Kill the 5th boat.

The Biker: Works at Howlin' Pete's Bike Emporium. Biker with an american flag bandanna on his head.

Day Job: Employee at Howlin' Pete's.

Night Job: None. Goes around Downtown aimlessly with his Angel.

Way to Kill: At day, break open the windows of Howlin' Pete's and use the FlameThrower to destroy the PCG600. The Biker will come out to check the damage when he thinks it is safe in two hours, so kill the nearest Biker that is not the guard of the Greasy Chopper, and that has a red and blue bandanna on his head. At night, spend two hours driving along the Downtown area until you spot The Biker in either the backseat of an Angel, or driving it. He has the red and blue bandanna still, so don't kill a biker with a helmet. In both cases, if you cannot find the specified Biker NPC (with the bandanna), then wait an hour and kill one with a helmet after waiting for the two hours specified in the Day and Night job cases.

BONUS HIT: Only available if you did the last level's BONUS HIT. Counts into your 12 hour time limit. You must be able to use the HOPINGIRL cheat for PC or the similiar cheat for console.

Chavez Garcia: Santiago's brother, as it turns out, is deep in the Cartel's drug ring. Obviously, the United States wants to cripple the Cartel, and they have put an officer that is actually working for us in charge of this mission. Our man works in either the NSA or CIA. Our man inside won't tell us whether he is doing covert-ops in the CIA or National Security Agency, but we suppose that the reward that will be bestowed indirectly upon us will suffice. Chavez is in Vice City, and our man inside is letting us handle it. He'll get the credit, but we'll get the cash. Man. Description: Fine clothed man renting a house on Starfish Island.

Day Job: Cartel Officer. Struts around Starfish Island.

Night Job: Cartel Officer. On his way out of Vice City.

Way to Kill: At day, go to Starfish Island and kill 20 men with suits in under two hours. If there are any P.I.G's after you, kill them, but do not kill any police officers. Once you kill 20 men, find another man with a suit, and use the HOPINGIRL cheat to make him come into your car. At night, go to Escobar International and find a man with a suit, if you cannot find one within two hours, pick any man and use the HOPINGIRL cheat to make him come into your vehicle. After getting him in a vehicle at either day or night, drive to the Junkyard and into to the room where Lance was tortured, take Chavez out of your car and shoot his chest non-fatally with a Colt or Mac, and as he tries to run, use a bladed weapon to stop him. He will tell you what you want to know, and he will therefore be useless to you. Burn him alive with either the Molotov Cocktails or Flame Thrower, and get out of the Junkyard and go back to Vercetti Estate.

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:


-Get Busted

-Get Wasted

-Fail to get all targets within 12 hours game time.

-Fail to get at least 2 targets in 6 hours game time.

Edited by Vercetti Thug

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List 6.

Pre-Mission: Your only required weapon is Tear Gas/Molotov Cocktails. NOTE THAT YOU DO NEED TO HAVE EVERY TYPE OF WEAPON except the Brass Knuckles. You need a four seater car as your first vehicle.

Special Conditions: Steal 5 cars by the end of the mission, and kill all 5 pedestrians in each car. These cars are the only ones allowed to you, and you must complete the first hit with the four seater car. If you lose your fifth car before the end, you lose the BONUS hit, and must walk through the rest of your tasks. The Time Limit is now down to 9 hours game time. THE FIFTH CAR WILL HAVE TO BE A FOUR SEATER AS WELL.


Level 6 Hitlist

The Mission:

Vercetti Estate Bar

Tommy's waiting for the second-in-command White mentioned. As scheduled, a man in a black suit and a Pistol in hand comes up.

"I take it your the guy i'm supposed to meet for my next job?"

"Correct. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mr. Red."

"Gay name, but pleased to meet you"

"Bah...I could order your death this moment, show some respect."

"I'm the best hitman in Vice City available to you, who you gonna call?"

"They don't have to be available to me at the moment, I can make them be available"

"Right...can I have the list?"

"First, let's talk real business."

"I figured this was my business."

"You have your own code name...your one of us, and pretty soon you will be relieved of your duties here and have your own protoge to present to your colleagues."

"...Protoge...i'm someone's protege?"

"Correct, I taught you everything you know."

"Of course...now then, business?"

"Let's see...your worth about 10 million to us right now...and we can prepare a suitable mansion as this one when you allow the mafia into this one."

"Piss-off. I'm not leaving Miami Vice, and I sure as hell ain't giving up this mansion."

"We're quite tired of convincing the Mafia to hold off on raiding this house, please don't make this difficult. I could hire off all your henchmen and give them to the Forelli Family, and have them turn on you."

"Give. Me. The. List. I'll think about it."

"Fool...you will see reason soon. Here's the list...have fun."

The List:

Roxanne Elise: Hooker. Woman. Apparently, a man who employed her services was caught by the wife, and the wife ordered a hit on her.

Day Job: None. Walks around selling sushi on Ocean Beach.

Night Job: Hooker. Prefers Downtown area.

Way to Kill: At day, find her on Ocean Beach. Get her to come into your car via HOPINGIRL cheat, and go to the beach. Drive the car into the water while you leap out at the last minute, leaving her to die by drowning. At night, find 10 scantily clad women and select the tenth one. Get her to come into your car and drive to the back of Hyman Stadium. Kill her and light the car up with Molotov Cocktails (or a Flamethrower)

Maria Cortez: Secretary. Woman. Ironically, the man ordered a hit on her so he could enjoy Roxanne and any other skank that comes his way without fear.

Day Job: Secretary, works in an office building. Purple clothes, glasses, black hair.

Night Job: None. Goes to the mall to chat with friends.

Way to Kill: At day, find her in the Office building or around the area. Find 3 women matchng her description and kill the 3rd. At night, go to the mall and find any 3 group's of women chatting. Kill all of them so we don't miss her, and so there will be noone to testify.

Richie: Last name unknown. Man. Mysterious figure referred to as "Richie" by gangsters and high level drug runners, suspected to have several charges of rape, murder, and illegal drug trafficking against him. Hit issued by a correspondant within the Fort Baxter Militia. Credit goes to them, and the money...

Day Job: Unknown.

Night Job: Unknown.

Way to Kill: You must squeeze information out of gang members and Bikers alike. Punch 5 Biker's to death, Use your Colt/Python to kill 3 Haitians, use Tear Gas/Molotov Cocktails in a group of no more or no less than 5 Cuban Gang members, and lastly, acquire a vehicle and use a Hopingirl cheat to 'coax' a hooker who is under high suspicion of being raped (and therefore have information about) Richie, and take her to the Junkyard and into the building Lance was tortured in. Beat her to the ground with your fists, BUT LET HER LIVE. No information is relevant to finding Richie. The hit will be continued when further information is available.

Phillip Collins: PIG officer. Leader of the Vice City PIG. Man. Raped and killed the daughter of a Cuban gang member. Hit taken out by Umberto Robina in order to "protect my family!". Phillip is currently under investigation by the Police, so be on high alert when you take him out.

Day Job: PIG. Wears PIG clothes. Owns a Colt.45.

Night Job: Baggage Handler. Works at the Airport.

Way to Kill: At day, find him on Starfish Island. Before you kill him, rack up 3 stars (simulating that the cops are on to you) and then kill him. Lose the cops at the Pay N'Spray in Vice Port. At night, rack up two stars and search the airport for him. If you cannot find him in or around the airport in 2 hours, go to Leaf Links Golf Course and kill both PIG's on guard.

Coop Ross: Haitian. Man. Dropped out of college and joined his fellow Haitian's. Selected at random by Umberto Robina when he stated "Every time i'm killing a man, there's a Haitian dying involved, so kill anyone that comes to mind." and Coop was selected at random. Coop changed his name to be more American.

Day Job: Haitian. Hangs around Little Haiti in a group of 3-5. Carries a gun with him.

Night Job: Haitian. Fights Cubans or Vercetti Gang members. No gun with him this time.

Way to Kill: At day, find a group of 3-5 Haitians and locate a Haitian with a gun. Kill him FIRST, then kill the others. Killing anyone but Coop first results in loss of BONUS hit. At night, find any Haitian that is unarmed who is fighting a Cuban, a Vercetti thug, or a cop. Kill him and his buddies, and kill the cop, if any.


Rocha Escobodo: One of the big boys in the Cartel. Visiting Vice City on vacation, and he brought his family. We want them all dead, but we also want Rocha's information. If we can take Rocha's knowledge of the other Cartel leaders, we can crack the ring so much so that the US will be indebted to us, and the leader of our Organization can soon seize the Cartel for himself. Do not ask me how he will accomplish this, I think it is impossible as well, but nevertheless, a hit is a hit, and this man must die.

Day Job: Vacationing. Dressed as a tourist (with a camera on his neck) or a man in a suit.

Night Job: Vacationing. Parties in the club Malibu in his suit from 6-8, walks around Ocean Beach 8-10, and going to the Pole Position the rest of the night. Always in a suit.

Way to Kill: At day, find 5 people matching his description on Ocean Beach and take the fifth into your car. Then, find his wife (a woman who is nearby and not a sushi seller or a decreipt hobo) and get her in the car as well. Find the daughter nearby as well, dressed either in red or a bikini (and not fat). Take them all to the Boatyard and into the warehouse. Kill the wife with a shot to an ARM with an Assault Rifle, shoot the daughter in the HEAD with an assault rifle, and proceed to torture Escobodo with alternating your melee weapon with your hands until he stops moving. When he stops moving, he is dead and you have your information. Use a molotov on all 3 bodies and leave the Boatyard, and rack up 4 stars (with a cheat preferably) and make your way to the Hyman Condo. Take your helicopter to any Safehouse and park it on the roof, then jump out to the ground.

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:

-Cheat when not asked to.

-Get Busted.

-Get Wasted.

-Fail to get all targets within 9 hours game time.

-Fail to get at least 2 targets in 4 hours game time.

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I actually made another.

List 7.

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following and a sports car.


-Brass Knuckles

-Molotov Cocktails

-Assault Rifle



Special Conditions: Kill 10 Pedestrians and 10 cops besides the ones you were assigned to do. In killing them, make sure to NEVER get more than 3 stars in the act. Doing so results in the loss of the BONUS hit. 9 hour time limit.

Level 7 Hitlist

The Mission:


Tommy sits at one of the chairs, waiting for his contact. A woman in a purple business suit comes up to him.

"Mr. Teal."

The woman eyes him and speaks again.

"Nice choice of clothes. Stole them off a gang?"

"Nice choice of clothes, stole them off your pimp?"


"I don't have time to fuck around, just tell me the gay code name i'm supposed to call you."

"Ms. Violet."

"Didn't see that coming."

"Red's right, you are a disrespectful, ungrateful punk."

"Right. Can I have my check?"

"Here's your damn money, and here's your damn job. Here I thought i'd meet someone who could please me by appearance."

"Here I thought I could meet someone who isn't a bitch."

The List:

Rafeal MacGregor: Used Car Salesman. Man. Owns a "legit" car dealership of used cars. The employer for this job owned a car quite precious to him, belonged to his grand papa or some other sentimental crap. Knabbing the car gets us extra.

Day Job: Used Car Salesman/Thief. Looks around for cars to steal on the streets on the "rich" side of Vice City.

Night Job: Used Car Salesman/Thief. Looks around for cars to steal on the streets on the "gang-ridden, poverty filled" side of Vice City.

Way to Kill: At day or night, go to the specificied location. Look around for a speeding car with a man in it. He cannot be Cuban or Haitian or obese. If you cannot find him in under an hour (game time as always), make any car speed (shoot or bash) and catch him. Once the target is dead, take the car to the back of the Escobar International and park it behind a building where our employer can pick it up.

Timothy Blackwell: Math Teacher. Man. Overweight. Teaches at a High School. The employer was a bit lucky to stumble upon us, but instantly requested a hit on his "fatass teacher". He's good for it.

Day Job: Math Teacher. Lucky us, he's taking the day off today to visit the beach so there won't be any student witnesses.

Night Job: None. Goes to Hyman Memorial Stadium to unwind and smoke with faculty members.

Way to Kill: At day, find him at Ocean Beach. Fat and balding. Count off 10 people resembling him and kill the tenth. Also, shoot any witnesses. At night, find him at Hyman Memorial Stadium. Fat. If you cannot find a fat man in 30 minutes, spread your search area to "poor" Vice city to Starfish Island. If you still cannot find him after another half-hour, kill any man. Waste any witnesses.

Richie: Last name unknown. Man. Mysterious figure referred to as "Richie" by gangsters and high level drug runners, suspected to have several charges of rape, murder, and illegal drug trafficking against him. Hit issued by a correspondant within the Fort Baxter Militia. We're taking another crack at him.

Day Job: Unknown

Night Job: Playboy. Likes to take Hookers off the street. Our only bit of new information since last time.

Way to Kill: We have a possible lead on Richie. Find 3 members of the Cuban gang and knock each one to the ground without killing them. Do the same with 4 Haitians and 1 Biker. Lose the cops and drive to Cherry Popper's back entrance, and find a Cuban hanging around it. Beat him to death and we'll finally have information on Richie. The Cuban was keeping watch for Richie, along with others, forming a chain to surround where Richie's location is. Find five more Cubans and kill them, then go to the top of Cherry Popper's and take out your sniper. Take down the first man that speaks to another man that you see, excluding gang members. If no man speaks to another on the street for 30 minutes, then shoot down the next man that passes another man.

Rusty Palmer: Man. Our employer hates his ass for an unknown reason.

Day Job: Accountant.

Night Job: Jewelery Store Clerk. Works at one of three jewelery stores in Vice City.

Way to Kill: At day, find him at the office building. White clothes. Kill him and anyone that sees you with a sharp melee weapon (Knife, Machete, Katana, not Chainsaw). At night, go to two of the three jewelery stores in Vice City. If you don't know where they are or are too lazy to check, subtract four hours off of your time limit and kill 5 random men on the street. If you do know where, go to both of them and kill the Clerk in the 2nd one.

Diane Ford: Woman. Married to a rich man. Our employer is the rich man's ex and is cleary stupid enough to kill her instead of the man.

Day Job: None. Likes to tan herself on the beach.

Night Job: None. Lkes to use her credit card at the mall.

Way to Kill: At day, find her on Ocean Beach or in the border between Ocean Beach and Washington. She'll be dressed in a slightly revealing but not quite bikini, she is not obese. Kill her and witnesses. At night, find her at the mall with shopping bags and kill her and the group she's with. Lose the cops, if any.

Francesca Murphy: Woman. Soccer mom. Happily married with three children. Our employer is on the unhappy side of the marriage.

Day Job: Homemaker. Goes out to shop for her kids at a supermarket near Vice Point's mall. You can find it.

Night Job: Homemaker. Goes out to buy medication for her asthmatic daughter at the pharmacy in Little Havana or Downtown or Little Haiti. You can hunt for it.

Way to Kill: Find a fat or thin woman near either location, she is not black.


Raquel Ortega: Man. Cartel Enforcer sent to investigate the deaths of Rocha Escobodo and his family. We need to take him out before he sees Escobodo's death on public broadcast.

Day Job: Cartel Enforcer.

Night Job: Cartel Enforcer.

Way to Kill: At day or night, find him on the streets of Vice City. Count 30 men until you find him. We don't need his information, so kill him. Instantly (after inputting a cheat to do so or raising level through regular means), the FBI is on your tail and you have five stars. Don't know what their problem is, but lead them through a chase to the Hyman Condo OR Vercetti Estateand take a Maverick or Sea Sparrow. Go to the police HQ in Washington and take a uniform. Make your way to Fort Baxter and steal the Hunter. You may not use your Ocean Beach Hunter. Take out a VCPD helicopter and the law enforcement will back off.

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:

-Cheat when not asked to.

-Get Busted.

-Get Wasted.

-Fail to get all targets within 9 hours game time.

-Fail to get at least 2 targets in 4 hours game time.

Edited by Vercetti Thug

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List 8.

Pre-Mission: Grab a fast car. Any weapons are fine

Special Conditions: Destroy 5 cars with drivers along the way WITHOUT going over three stars in the process. One of these must be a Kaufman Cab, one must be a Stallion, and one must be an Infernus.

Level 8 Hitlist

The Mission:

Vercetti Estate. Bar.

"Package,"grunted a thug.

Tommy opens it and finds a video tape. He plays it on the VCR and closes the door. A man with his face blurred out appears, wearing a black business suit.

"It's time you took your final test, Mr. Teal."

"Pfft, tests?"muttered Tommy.

"The police are almost on to you, the Forelli Family is getting aggressive, and I have negative...personality reports from Violet and Red. However, White has assured me that you should be brought fully into our fold, but there is a slight problem with that. You see, I recognize your full talents and would like you to be my enforcer, my right-hand, no longer a hitman. You have three hours to complete a set of tasks I will assign to you through seperate recordings. This is going to be a fun little game. However, should you lose, I can't guarantee we can qualm the Forelli Family any longer. Oh, and this recording will self-destruct in 5 seconds."

Tommy waited the five seconds without moving, and nothing happened.

"I just wanted to see if you'd fall for that,"explained the man, chuckling. He holds up a list to the screen with a single name written on it and a mysterious message...

Scott Summers: News anchor. He's displeased the employer by broadcasting a story unhelpful to the employer's reputation after getting a death threat not to do so. Man. Caucasian. Sticks to downtown.

Day Job: Nothing. Stays at a hotel in downtown, one with a pool. Its actually between Downtown and Little Havana.

Night Job: News anchor. News anchor with a death wish. Downtown near the office building. You'll have to catch him before he can get to work.

Way to Kill: At day, go find him at the specified location at the hotel, which you'll have to locate yourself. Kill a caucasian man. If you cannot find a man, kill a passerby in a car who fits the vague description. Kill 5 more passerbys. At night, find him near the office building. Kill any white man with a suit. Kill 10 more just to be sure. Its amazing we can't get a picture to match these guys and we just send you on a killing spree, eh?

Clue: At day after requirements are fulfilled, go to the one of a kind car whose home is Downtown. At night, find a Sparrow and do the checkpoint challenge associated with it. Fulfill the clue and you'll find a video tape (imaginary) in the vehicle. Take the vehicle to the Vercetti Estate Bar.

"Next,"announced the man, producing another name and clue.

Montell Darren: Black man. Raped someone close to the employer (allegedly). Blue overralls, works at the docks.

Day Job: Worker. Stationed in the boatyard.

Night Job: Worker/None. Until midnight, he works at the docks. Goes to the shacks on Little Haiti when he's not at work.

Way to Kill: At day to midnight, find him at the docks and kill him. Still dressed as a worker. If you cannot find him, he's playing hooky and hanging out with a Haitian gang. Kill 5 Hatians if that's the case. At night (midnight to dawn), find him near the shacks of Little Haiti (near Auntie Paulie) and kill him. Kill 9 more Haitians to be sure.

Clue: At day, go to the Club Malibu and punch a male dancer in a purple/green suit. He will hand over a cassette you can play in your car. At night, go to Prawn Island and dig around the grassy area with the armor hanging around. You should find a tape recorder with the cassette inside.

"Good, now, last job,"

The man reads out the information.

???????: I want him dead. He's a man, old. Flying into Vice City today. If it's light out right now, he is flown in by now, barely. If it's dark out right now, he's checked into a hotel.

Day Job: Don't matter.

Night Job: Screw that.

Way to Kill: Go to Escobar International if its day and kill all Security guards, men in business suits, and cops who come out at you. I want all witnesses dead. If the sky is even a tad dark/red, but its still technically day, find him in a car leaving and kill him. At night, search the Hooker Inn and another hotel in Vice City that is not the one you went to in the first hit (if it was day). Kill all men and any women in the area. Why do I ask for such extreme measures? To test how you'll get away, of course.

Clue: Go to the Hyman Condo quickly and take the Maverick on the rooftop. Inside, i'll be waiting with a few bodyguards. We'll have a nice little chat.


Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:

-Cheat when not asked to.

-Get Busted.

-Get Wasted.

-Fail to get all targets and complete all the clue's tasks.

-Blow up any surplus vehicles besides the five you were assigned to do in the special conditions.

-Reach six stars.

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