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future crimes for gta


future gta crimes  

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  1. 1. crimes you wanna see

    • rape
    • shoplifting
    • drug dealing (not just in CTW)
    • money laundering
    • bank robbery
    • bombings (that actually alter terrain/destroy stuff)
    • blackmail
    • bootlegging
    • other (along with name of crime to be posted)

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Drug Dealing. But like you buy drugs in one place, and sell for different prices at different times and stuff. And alot of drugs, not just Marijuana and Heroin bullshit.

Chinatown Wars!!!! Yeah, it could be could, but Jack Thompson will "Thomp" Rockstar's ass with lawsuits....

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Ah why thank you, I now know. I think shoplifting will be a fun one. If Im totally honest when I'm roaming around I rarely commit crimes, I get bored of them quickly. Except when I decide to have fun with satchel charges. But otherwise I just explore and other things. I think GTA has enough crimes.

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If they were actually including rape, then I would never play it again. Thats just sick and thank God they probably will never include it in the game, as that would an instant ban.

I don't think I'd go as far as not playing the game...but if it were in the main storyline...then I probably wouldn't buy it.

There's no way that it'll appear in a GTA game, so there's really no use in talking about it.

bank robbery is a good idea, but it would be nice if you will also transport some kind of smuggled goods without being noticed or chased by the police

Bank robbery and smuggling would be good to have as side missions you could do over and over again, but they would need to be a lot more elaborate.

Insurance Fraud!!!!


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