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oh yh, ok, march 20th, whats the point, this is Probably going 2 b crap anywayz, but ill test it b4 i say it is crap

I hate it when people say something is crap that they haven't even played yet.

You can only pass judgement after you have experienced it. Your opinion is not valid if you haven't played it yet. It's rather silly to say it might be crap when you don't know.

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Eh, I hope they don't put much work into the game. First off, I believe that the Nintendo DS is a console that markets their games to the younger age of people, and there are barley any shooter games on it. I really don't think much of the people that Grand Theft Auto markets to have a Nintendo DS, and would buy one just for the purpose of this game.

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I really don't think much of the people that Grand Theft Auto markets to have a Nintendo DS

lol you'd be surprised. one kid i know who is like 9, had a PSP. then it broke (i think he dropped it). now he has a DS. and he loves GTA. for those who are gonna say bad parenting, the point is, they know the difference between a game and reality lol. quite mature for a 9 year old imo.

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You know its funny.

With all the new games around, 'High-Def Graphics' and 'Huge Maps', I love going on my Wii and playing the old Sonic games, the old Mario one's. Hell, I brought Super Mario 64 on the Virtual Console and have gotten more hours of fun out of that then I did off the brand new Sonic Unleashed. I would have to say the same for GTA Advance, I love that game, still play it. Yes I agree that a huge map or lots of levels make a good game, it's gameplay! No matter about graphics.

People that say it's going to be crap because of the graphics are idiots. Gameplay is what a game needs. The DS console make amazing games, as much as you might disagree, you have a look at the sales of DS games compared to that of the PSP and PS3, they will be higher. The Pokemon games are a classic example, both GTA and Pokemon came out around the same time, one on the PS and the other on Game Boy, both were quite high selling games, yet Pokemon won out. Let's bring this into the 21st Century, GTA 3 and Pokemon Gold and Silver. GTA 3 was released on the PS2 in late 01, while Pokemon came out a few months before (earlier in Japan), GTA 3 was then re-released on the xBox and Computer. Since then they have both sold the same amount 14.5 million for GTA 3 across three platforms compared to 14.51 on just the Game Boy Colour. I'd say Pokemon beat the so called 'most biggest game of 2001'. And that's just a puny little game, with 16-bit graphics, why did it sell more? Better gameplay. Before you complain and disagree, this is statical, you may have different opinions.

Now GTACTW make have crappy graphics, or made on a console 'marketed for younger audiences'. The creators of GTA think they can use this console and it's features to make a good game, a 'great GTA game'. Be thankful that they are making it, so you can play something different from the normal cannon.

By the way, I'm excited for it. :)

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putting all gaming elements aside, i would not buy chinatown wars for the simple reason being i am not a DS owner and as such i am not willing to buy the console just so that i can play chinatown wars, as much of a fan of the series as i am (this being the only gaming forum i am an active member of) it is not a strong enough reason to pull me into the game personally i feel that R* have aimed chinatown wars at the wrong audience, i know this is a very big stereotype but i associate the DS with small chidren who are unlikely to purchase the game, and those who do not own a DS (like myself) may not be willing to buy the console for the sole purpose of owning a chinatown wars, if they brought the game out on PSP as well as the DS for example then maybe it would be more of a sucess and it would have stopped me seeling my PSP about a month ago...

including gaming elements R* have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into chinatown wars and it sounds like a really good game, going back to the old days of the original GTA's, i think it is just what gamers need after the super realism of IV (which by the way i still haven't completed due to being easily sidetracked, but thats not the point). I do hope for the few people who own a DS and are inclined to buy the game that it is a good game and i am sure that R* wont dissapoint on this game and keep up their record of awesome games...

i guees what i am trying to say is, the game sounds awesome if i hada DS i would definitely buy it on release day but the fact that i haven't means that i wont be rushing to GAME on the 20th of march to buy my copy of chinatown wars and a DS...

jesus christ that was a long post :zZZ:

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