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Is this hard to find?

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I really want to get this game, but it's $50 on amazon, and I don't wanna spend that much if I can avoid it. I've never seen it for sale in game stores anywhere, but I've never really looked specifically for it. How hard do you think it would it be to find it? I could propably walk into any store and get GTA III or Vice City, but what about this one? Is it really rare?

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The Game Boy Advance is all but extinct. The Game Boy Micro, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable killed it off, so I highly doubt that outside online websites like Amazon.com and eBay, and outside of Op-Shops/second-hand shops, you can't purchase GTA Advance in shops anymore, as virtually nobody owns a Game Boy Advance anymore.

You shouldn't get the $50 on Amazon. GTA Advance can be purchased for as little as $12 on eBay, although quality cannot be guaranteed.

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