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The Epic Photoshop help thread.


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Only major difference is the interface and the Open GL stuff. Like, you can edit your images, sideways, without having to rotate your canvas, and stuff, smoothed zooming and 'elastic' navigation. Plus, tabbed documents in one big window (can still be dragged).

Nothing that will help you withy your stuff, really...but, it just looks and feels really nice to use.

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Hey warrior, you should look into using gradient masks to make layers fade into each other. I'll just link you to an online tut for now, I'm pretty busy.


Hope you get on with this warrior, if you get stuck at all, I'll write one up myself.

Also, holy fucking awesome siggy evo, i'd like to know how you did that if you have the time to point us to / write a small tut, bloody good job!

Thanks for the link, I'm gonna get stuck into it when I get around to it later on. Been too busy to look it up

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It's come to my attention that a whole bunch of these links are now broken, out of date and in need of a little refresh. I'm gonna start to revamp this thread a bit and give it a bit more of a personalised and easy feeling. Any further help (what's been done so far has been noted and appreciated) would be welcomed greatly, and hopefully me and TM (as the forum boss) can try and incorporate this thread into the index and so on.


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