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CPU Fan Temperature Limit.


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How do you know it's the temperature? It sounds more like a serious error, such as power supply failure or RAM failure.

I know it because when i boot it,you know the usual tests,if the mouse is plugged,at the bottom it says :Cpu Fan Temperature high!

And beneath it,Press F1 To resume.I don't have enough time to do anything.

EDIT: Now it says overclocking failed.

Hell with this.

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Impossible that it could be overheating as soon as you turn your computer on, wouldn't have been enough time for it to heat up to a dangerous temperature that quick.

Assumed you've cleared shit out of it like dust then it sounds like the temperature sensor has gone in your motherboard. There should be somewhere in your BIOS that allows you to turn the sensor off, or at least ignore warnings.

EDIT: Oh you can't get to BIOS. Well you're fucked?

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Try opening your computer and get the BIOS battery off for 15 minutes, then put it back again.

yeah you can do this, or usually there will be jumpers (little white switch) on the motherboard that will allow you to clear CMOS (bios settings). just take the battery out for a while and put it back, that should fix it.

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