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NVIDIA vs. ATI + Intel vs. AMD


Which Card/ CPU?  

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  1. 1. NVIDIA or ATI?

    • NVIDIA
    • ATI
  2. 2. Intel vs. AMD

    • Intel
    • AMD

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I guess this is a fair poll about personal preferences. However, Nvidia and ATI both make a good job producing good GPUs. Sometimes one beats the other and competition just goes on. This just boils down to if you like their logo or not IMO.

CPU i have to admit Intel is taking lead by quite some.

EDIT: Wrong forum and add a neutral vote.

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I prefer nVidia for the GFX, but thats because I've never had anything else and don't know much about ATI.

As for AMD or Intel, its intel all the way, I had a AMD processor once which was supposed to be the same as (I think back then it was Pentium 4) but it really wasn't, and a friend of mine who deals with Computers a lot also said, that even if two processors from AMD and Intel are supposed to be the same they won't be, as AMD just doesn't have the amount of money to stick into research as Intel does, which is true. Now I have Intel and my PC is running great.

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AMD is fine, it's just recently Intel has been slowly taking over after the release of the Core i7 and the Atom. I'm really hoping the Phenom II AM3 will be AMD's comeback. All people care about nowadays is perfomance really so they can play Crysis on high settings. For GPU's, I'd go with ATI. ATI really made a big hit with the RV770 but now NVIDIA have released the GTX 285 and 295 so I'm wondering what ATI's response to this will be. Oh yeah, Intel are coming out with their Larrabee next year aren't they? I think they will have some difficulty entering the market especially since they are planning to compete against ATI and NVIDIA.

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^ ATI's response:


Maybe not as good as GTX 295,but tops 285.

From what I keep reading, everyone is having horrible times with that card.((even though it LOOKS badass with three fans on it :awesome: ))

Please don't say you're on a Mac Pro. Please.

Why? What would it matter if he liked Mac Pros? Besides, I'd hope anyone who was going to put both quad core CPUs in there would at LEAST put 2 GBs of RAM. At least.

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