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specific mods needed for project


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coming from you? you're asking people to model you a freaking cylinder...

Yeah, pretty much, I can't model.

Doesn't mean it wouldn't take about 5 seconds to convert a San Andreas model, or whatever the other one was to a Vice City model.

And by the way, a Coke Can isn't quite a cyllinder.

The bottom, the weirdly shaped cap, etc.

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some people can be jerks....... Were can i get the software, download or Disk?

I'm pretty sure ZModeller can do it. But I think that to get that function you have to buy it.

As for the TXDs, I think they're already compatible, but if not, TXD Workshop should be able to.

As for the collisions, no clue, and the handling, etc., hae to rewrite/import yourself.

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what? convert format? :S

.dff is universal for all GTAs isnt it, i imported a kuruma & claude into GTA VC, proof

or is it, III will work with VC, VC will work wiv SA, but SA wont work with VC or something like that??

Yeah, the file extensions are the same, but I think that the actual format is a bit different.

But, I'm not 100% sure.

Laggynoob, just copy the SA files into VC (after backingup the originals) and see if they work.

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