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What happend to Librety City?


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Technically they didn't rebuild anything they just created their version of four more new york boroughs. I like to think that the old liberty city is still out there as it's own separate borough and it's just not in the newest game. The airport is still called the same thing so maybe old LC is on the other side of it.

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No really wtf happened to 'Librety' City??? :| omfg I put the question in another way! why is sooooo boring after just 3 moths? WHY? I guess it's some... from the past, I mean I was playing S.A. and thinking is Gta4, Cj is Niko, I don't know why I did that, that was what I felt to do, so the last year I was thinking it's 'the next gta', it was cool but when the mighty 4 appeared, it was soooooooper great but now, shit, I'm feeling the same strong headache that i feel when playing S.A. (reffering after 5 years of playing almost daily my brain is so fu... bored so is rejecting the game but I don't hit Esc so is a battle between instincts so a huuuuge headache catches me)! Why so fast, it's maybe that this francize is very slooooooow, releasing games very slow, omg, why sony didn't get something, f%$% m$... man!

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I think what happened to Liberty City was that Rockstar wanted to make Liberty City look more like New York City than the GTA III era did with Liberty City. Rockstar of course wanted GTA IV to be uber realistic, so they decided to make not only the gameplay realistic, but Liberty City itself. Liberty City was already a model of New York City, so they just redid Liberty City into a more modern and realistic version, not really changing the overall environment.

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