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New Community Stunt Video


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The guys over at GTAStunting have just released an excellent stunt video. Various community videos have been released over the years, but this one has to be the best. I can safely say it's the best stunt video I have ever seen.

Dedicated, released by it's editor NightKnight, is 5 minutes long and is over 80MB. Don't let the size put you off though, it's great quality, full off amazing stunts.

Download it Here.

On this note I'd like to say we are planning our own community stunt video, however I need to know that enough people are interested, and that you will have the PC version of the game, which judging by the previous poll a lot of you will.

Please be sure to vote in the newest poll and reply to this topic if you have any questions.

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I am up for the Stunt Video, I am yet to play SA but I like to stunt and I will have the PC version near the release date, count me in, I am not that good but I am sure I can help the video.

I might get this video later at a friends house, or the weekend, 82mb is big for my sucky dial up

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