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Having sex in-game


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I have one and im not a vigin..Im a college graduate and I get bored after work...my girlfriend is in Paris for the weekend.

Can a mod please change this topic to a poll, to see if people actually believe this is true?

Yes, please. :clapping:

EDIT: You could probably get off easier just by looking at my sig. :thumbsup:

Lol Harwood, your sig is very hot! Yes please change this to a poll.

I think Hot Coffee isn't that interesting or worth of getting it.

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I have heard many people saying hot coffee is pointless. I still wonder why people want to stare at pixels stimulating sex. I wouldn't bother.

Yeah, I prefer to go on pages like [CUT] or [CUT], sometimes on that old good [CUT]. Also going homicide with minigun helps a lot... In game too.

[CUT - I'm evil ^^]

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I know dude..This game is for what like 17+ or something...Anyway..Im talking about getting the girlfriend.How do I do that.

I know....... I think theres like 6 girlfreinds in the game i have completed it but i dident get em all you get 2 girlfreinds from missions first 1 in los santos second in las venturas and you can find 2 of em in san fierro one in driving school and one near bburger shot i hear theres another in bone county but not sure where and theres one on top of ammu-nation in blueberry hope this helped :hi::ph34r:

Ok i got Denise as a girlfriend.I jsut need ''Hot Coffee"'..can someone link me.Mabe form a nother forum?If thats against the rules then can you PM me?if thats ok?

i got this mod on the tools page for sa mods and i got savegame editor it is very useful it gives loads of stuff and wipes out how much cheats youve done but to the point............

it has some boxes you can tick one says hot coffe dating with sex could work could not but try it out cause it probably will good luck! :coolthumbup::coolthumbup:

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