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Is This what chicks are into!?!?


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I love the character, the books are so much better then the film. He seriously looks retarded in that picture. Its the same for Harry Potter, girls love Daniel Radcliffe, why I shall never know. He can't act, if anything he has got worse then better and he just generally angers me.

How did HSM3 beat Iron man and people honestly that stupid to vote for that crap. I love musicals but come on, that is just a pile of crap with scary plastic people.

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Who the hell cares how he acts?

I can't believe you're arguing over how some rich kid acts. In the end, he's still making more money than we are and is more famous than we'll ever be so let the guy act however he wants.

If someone walked up to you and offered you a ton of cash to "sell out", you'd do it, too, so who cares (and don't say you wouldn't because all that cash would make you say yes, regardless)

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