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Huckleberry Pie

Adobe Aftereffects

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nice work you got there :P

its my first time to ever heard about Adobe Aftereffects, whats the difference of Aftereffects from Adobe Imageready?

Aftereffects emphasizes more on special effects and post-production for movies and television, like those ill-executed particle effects seen in them crappy fantasy dramas in the Philippines, although you can whip up a decent lightsaber fight given that you have enough patience.

Imageready, however, allows you to optimize images for you to post in the internets, and is also capable of making animated GIFs for use on avatars and YTMNDs.

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After Effects (yes it is two words, not sure why everyone has concatenated it) as Huck said is used mainly for post-production in movies and TV, and for people like huck to fuck around in :P

ImageReady, doesn't exist anymore. It was discontinued several years ago after all its features became encompassed in Photoshop - there was no need for it to exist.

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