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The Corrupt a Wish Game


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I wish you met a talking dog who would offer you food, it'd give you to options:

a. Eat a very small portion of Sheperds Pie. You can't have seconds.


b. Get a randomly selected dish, out of 50 dishes, one would be shit. For all plates, you can have seconds.

I wish em kids weren't on my lawn damn it

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I wish you got weaker and when you get punched again, you die :awesome:

No offence man :)

I wish the person who will corrupt my wish will be corrupted from the corruption of corruptionness of this corrupt a wish topic to be corrupted again with more corruption about corrupting a wish

Granted, but you abruptly fell into a hole (and promptly died) upon finishing your last post.

I wish that The GTA Place would go back to the old version of the IP Board.

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