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Game Informer Editor Confirms GTAV?


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Game Informer's editor, Andrew Reiner, has basically confirmed GTAV with the following statement popping up on his Twitter:

"Rockstar was just in the Game Informer office. I can't tell you what they showed me, but it might have been Grand Theft Auto V."

So will we be seeing an announcement for the new GTA soon? I sure hope so!

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Would of thought at this stage it will more likely be Max Payne 3, seeing as that's out this Winter. In terms of GTA, R* still have another downloadable ep for IV to release yet.

He clearly states he can't say what it is then immediately says it MIGHT have been GTA V... obviously just kicking up a shitstorm of rumour and speculation to provoke a response from R*, which he won't get.

He'll have been under an NDA.

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1st time I've read the topic. I doubt anything remotely related to GTAV, or GTA5, will be revealed at this very early stage. It's either Red Dead Redemption, as previously mentioned, or part 2 of the DLC for the 360. I'm predicting it's the 2nd part of the DLC.

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