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LOL The Lost and Damned glitch...

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Howcome a glitch? Johnny met Niko, it's pretty natural that you may find him somewhere.

I bet you never played TLaD. Its a glitch because its the mission where

you deal Elizebeta's coke to some undercover cops. Then Niiko and Playboy take the roof, and Johnny takes the bottom.

If you run up stairs in Johnny's story you wont see Niko and Playboy standing there. Just try it Spider Vice.

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Great glitch man =)))

Funny stuff, first thing, glitches are a common stuff in games now! The good part is that they are funny! Second, I just love the A.I. from games, I really love it :)) very funny, I think if there was pigs in gta4 i'm sure nico ir jhonny would start swearing, saying funny stuff :)) 'like' in this clip :))

I was kind a felt sad when you hit Nico, I ain't used to see someone shoot Nico(me) :)) I hope you didn't repeated the scene :P

I remember the scene when Nico found Jhonny on streets of gta 4, nice, I would wish to play Tlad on my ps3 :((

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