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Teenager dies electrocuted by her laptop


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It makes you think, couldn't you run bathroom appliances on a reduced current? Not that a laptop is a bathroom appliance. If all the electrical outlets in the bathroom ran through a 12 volt DC transformer, the bulbs could be 12 volt, even the electric tooth brush and hairdryer. Then the most you could get off something being dropped into the tub would be a tickle. Unless you ran an extension cord from the next room.

The laptop must of had an AC connector on the back, my mom's uses a power brick that plugs into the outlet. If she had that or was running on battery she couldn't get fried.

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... It happened to me, I did once answered my cell phone while taking a bath and I almost dropped it in the bathtub, it was exactly the same scenario, a collegue called to tell me the meeting place because I was late and in a hurry.

Cell phones don't have enough juice to kill you in the tub. The AC adapter on most cell phones only runs 3.5 to 6 volts DC and half an amp. Even if it was plugged into a wall outlet you would have just lost your cell phone not your life. The girl's laptop must have had the AC power supply inside and not external.


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I bet she was blonde.

Fail, but good try.

I do feel very bad for her and her parents obviously, but you'd think it'd be pretty obvious not to do something like that.

The +12V Bathroom idea is actually a pretty good one, although obviously if you brought something like a laptop in there that takes in 120V, it wouldn't really matter, because you couldn't plug it in there and if you were desperate, you'd run an extension to another room.

If she had an external power brick, the 17.8V or whatever would not be enough to kill her, no matter what the amperage. But the short wouldn't be too great for the laptop or the power brick, lol....

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