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Tenpenny Stories

JAB HacksouL

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I have a glitch / bug. In the mission "Grey Exports", when I go into the warehouse, as soon as the door closes completely behind me, the screen goes completely blue and I can't see anything accept the HUD and the aiming crosshair.

That is what the goofy goggles are for this mission gives you a silencer, knife and IR goggles.

There are 2 men on the floor and 3 on the catwalk they are programmed with limited sight because it is so dark. You can sneak up from behind and kill them easy. My brother's idea of a "Splinter Cell" mission.

Now about the audio issues. I fucked up there is no way to sugar coat it. A new smaller download is going to replace the old 57MB JOE it should be half the size. It wasn't XP, Vista or etc... It was me pure and simple.

I am including Alci's GUI with SAAT (only 5MB and saves time looking) and my tutorial. I removed the massive SCRIPT file and this reduces the download for people greatly. So now people who download this new file will have the instructions to do the audio plain and clear. We will keep the Audio Fix files available over another week for anyone who downloaded the original JOE package. My brother JAB is going to upload this tonight before we go away for the weekend (camping trip). We should be back to address any questions by Sunday night.

So here is the run down; if you want the latest version of JOE it will get posted in the normal places. The Audio Fix will remain and he has fixed several errors in the main.scm HOWEVER he won't guarantee the new main will work with the your current save files. So far he says the fixed scm is working with all his saved game files.

BTW I was going to try the SAAT -i blah blah blah but the batch files or command lines take just as long as the GUI and will just fry some users brains.

See you Sunday,


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Thanks :)

You are welcome.

We are leaving today at 1pm and supposed to be back Sunday unless Bigfoot eats us. We are traveling about 250 miles up North to go disperse camping (aka roughing it). My Dad's idea not mine. Personally I like my shower and flush toilet but that's another story.

I posted the new JOE package last night (early am) to this board and the GTA Garage. 24MB download. For those of you into the game I might suggest you try replacing the main.scm and script.img but all the other files are the same. I had no problem loading the saved game but I imagine the more changes I make that will eventually change.

I have found that there is a missing save in Tenpenny's Condo in Temple (supposed to be in his kitchen). Also when you load this and other "custom saves" the interior markers are turned back on and this may cause you to teleport to a totally different area on the map. Such as the apartment in Queens will send you to Creek unless you hit the interior marker first. The game still saves your progress you can just walk back inside and exit again. This stuff has little to do with the actual game play.


If I am not back by Monday send in the Forest Rangers. >.<

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How do I install it? lol yeah I know so nooby. But I seriously cant figure it out. I double click install and it asks for some directory to install from. Do I need to put my SA in there?

Make certain you have version 1 if not you will need to patch version 2 with the downgrade patch. This will modify the exe to modding. Next run the installer, as you said select your gta_sa.exe using browse or type the directory in the box. Press install and it will make backups of 3 files and replace them. (READ the docs) next make a back up of you sound SCRIPT and modify using the sound mod tutorial. If you don't the game will sound odd and you can just mute the volume. It is much more entertaining with the sound mods.


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ok I got it. Now I wanna go back to regular SA. How?

Run the install program as you did before. Select the exe and uninstall. But you will need to replace the audio SCRIPT with the backup copy you made. It is easier and quicker to uninstall than install.

My brother made a whole separate folder and copied the game in there. So he has Tenpenny and the original to work with but not everyone has the HD space.

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It wont uninstall. The only thang that happened is the text when I start a new game goes away :(

If it is still installed you should find:

Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script\main.scm

Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script\main.tbk <-- this is the back up and should be 3,025 KB

Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script\script.img

Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script\script.tbk <-- this is the back up and should be 562 KB

Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text\american.gxt

Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text\american.tbk <-- this is the back up and should be 721 KB

ONLY IF these files exist then you can delete the first and replace it with the back up by changing the extension. The install program no longer makes back ups of the:

Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\audio\SFX\SCRIPT

and this should have been backed up prior to modding as expressed in my tutorial. If you are using Vista you might want to reinstall from the CD/DVD it won't hurt your original saved games. Vista is know for making shadow backups and doesn't always uninstall even if you do so manually. I am not picking on Vista, it is just one of MS "innovative ideas" that didn't work out so well.

If the tbk files don't exist then check the file sizes, installing twice in a row would cause your backups to be overwritten.

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A final release is posted to the Downloads. If you already have the JOE distro keep it and download the smaller PRO distro to update your files. The JOE disro is being uploaded as I type.

ToonSkull and I will continue to answer questions about the mod but we have given you all our code in the PRO release. PLEASE use it to learn, we are not going to come chase you down saying you stole our code.

King Brace Blane on YouTube has beat this mod and said he will post all the mission walkthroughs on his site some time next month: www.youtube.com/kingbraceblane

Not all the stuff made it, into this mission. Some missions a two year old could beat. But we made this for you to learn. There are far too many mods that have no point. Be creative and keep working at it until you feel it is complete.


JAB - Joshua Black

EDIT: My uploads crashed but it says PRO made it. I will upload JOE again later.

Has anyone besides King Brace Blane (youtube) beat my mod?

Edited by JAB HacksouL
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I received an email from King Brace Blane. He is not a member here or any other forum but the man has agreed to post all the video walkthroughs and bugs on his youtube channel. www.youtube.com/kingbraceblane

Here is what he wrote:


Yes. I can host the walkthroughs, I beat this mod over the past weekend but not without some difficulties.

Here is my Letterman list of things that remain.

1. A green house (property icon) in Blueberry. Nothing there - glitch at coord 0,0,0

2. Missing red rings after "Chinese Steak" mission. I don't know but you can find the mission if you walk around.

3. Deformed CJ mesh "Pretzel Boy" shows up on entering buildings. This is caused by stats changing while outside.

4. Cars pile up in impound generated one on top another. - Not a real issue just strange parking behavior.

5. People appear in safe house and sometimes attack you. Burglers?

6. The end credits loop but you can still move around.

7. Some of the subtitles still don't exist or don't show up.

8. Some missions will crash or get stuck. But if you saved then you can always try again.

9. Dogfight at the desert aiport is too hard imo I can't shoot down either plane.

10. "Epislon Cult" weird plot. The mission could get stuck if the person playing has no idea where the cult farm is and loses the "Trenchcoat man".

I never modded this game but I do understand the binary code. I am sorry Vincent I don't do the forum thing. YTube is about as close as I get and I just mainly use it for bookmarks. I rarely check my messages on youtube so here is my email <OMITED> so you can write me directly.

Tell Josh that I think this is done enough people can play it to the very cool ending. ;) I understand his desire to use this as a teaching tool. I have been in computers since punch cards and you guys have done a real great job. Let me know when you graduate college maybe there's a job in programming for you both.

Meanwhile I will get my camera setup and record me playing some of these missions. I don't have a capture card or fancy PC here at home, and I don't think the boss would like me playing it at work. :D

Cya l8tr!


I am only in the 10th grade... I plan to go to college to become a video store clerk. But that is another story. Well there you have it some OLD FART beat it and now you can too.

Josh said, "Do as you wish the source code is yours!".

He and I signed up for classes yesterday and I am taking; Accelerated Geometery, US History, French, Film Lit, American Lit 2, and Accelerated Biology. All this starts 8-8-09 so I will let you know how that goes. One of us will poke our head in here from time to time.

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Is it okay if you add a walkthrough of this on youtube? I've seen the trailer, asnd it was nice!

I don't think anyone can complain just place a spoiler warning above the video. Blane cams his but does a pretty good job. Not everyone can afford a good video capture card. I barely can afford a graphics card. He told me in his last email he is posting the Gray Exports. So I guess he is hitting the harder missions first.

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Anyone having problems with Tenpenny Stories missions should check it out; YouTuber King Brace Blane has posted video walk throughs for "Cleaning the Hood", "King of the Hill", "Gray Exports", and "Double Boom!". He said in an email today he is working on videos of "Path of the Snake", "In Search of the Truth" and "Epsilon Cult".

He has told us that he beat the entire mod in one weekend. Also the man is about 50 something, which kind of is a shock to me. Most of the people who play this are teens. He is a computer geek and a you tuber but doesn't like joining forums. He did supply us with some answers to coding problems and got his name in the credits.

Now for some disturbing news. GTA Garage no longer hosts this mod. Josh and I don't blame them, but I personally believe they need to rethink policy. I placed Alci's GUI for SAAT inside the JOE release because a. people had sound issues otherwise b. so users didn't have to look for a copy elsewhere and c. it made the download 24MB instead of 57MB.

The GTA Garage's policy is not to place (any) tools including SAAT into your mods. Even when SAAT is a GNU public licensed program and can be according to the contributors. Meanwhile Alci's GUI contains SAAT and is still hosted on the GTA Garage (I don't want them to pull it either). The reason they give for this policy is not mod ripping or bandwidth issues but they say you might have an outdated copy. Neither the GUI or SAAT has been upgraded in years.

Q: Why don't we simply remove SAAT and the GUI and include a download link?

A: In the near future the link may change and/or the programs hard to locate even by a Google search. Total size is less than 5MB added. We are striving to make all the downloads uniform as possible, although if anyone desires to post such altered mod of Tenpenny Stories, by all means you have our permission. Make sure you state how the mod is altered.

Joshua did this mod to show people learning this how to make a mission mod without Cleo. I did the sound pack and apparently I am to blame for it getting booted off the GTA Garage. Josh said, it doesn't matter and said the sound pack will not change. They didn't accuse us of being pirates, it is just policy.

The attachment above should work well we are still waiting for a positive response.

Thank you,


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I'm currently having trouble beating the flying Elvis mission. I'm not sure what the objective is once were falling from the plane. I've failed some many times that I just need a walk through or a save to the mission after flying Elvis. Thankyou-

Edit:I beat Tenpenny Stories last weekend. The climax was so awesome. I also liked my name in the credits at the end. Great work guys, best mission mod yet!

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